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Continuous dehydrogenation of perhydro benzyltoluene and perhydro dibenzyltoluene in a packed bed vertical tubular reactor – The role of LOHC evaporation (2024) Willer M, Preuster P, Geißelbrecht M, Wasserscheid P Journal article Chloroorganic impurities in technical-grade benzyltoluene – Influence on its use as LOHC compound and removal strategies (2024) Henseler J, Rullo F, Mitländer K, Johner N, Wolf P, Schühle P, Geißelbrecht M, Wasserscheid P Journal article Fabrication of catalyst layer for proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer: I. Effects of dispersion on particle size distribution and rheological behavior (2024) Liu C, Luo M, Zeis R, Chuang PYA, Zhang R, Du S, Sui PC Journal article Burner-heated dehydrogenation of a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) system (2023) Bollmann J, Mitländer K, Beck D, Schühle P, Bauer F, Zigan L, Wasserscheid P, Will S Journal article Hydrogen extraction from methane-hydrogen mixtures from the natural gas grid by means of electrochemical hydrogen separation and compression (2023) Mrusek S, Blasius M, Morgenroth F, Thiele S, Wasserscheid P Journal article Zn-incorporated joule-heated carbon nanofiber aerogel-supported Cu catalyst for hydrogen production via methanol steam reforming (2023) Hu G, Wang J, Wang S, Zhang X, Yu B, Huang T, Zhu M, Yu H Journal article Tubular PEM electrolysis cells with a 3D-printed oxygen electrode and ALD catalyst coating (2023) Laube A, Sánchez Batalla B, Weidlich C, Hofer A, Bachmann J, Zallmann S, Körner C, et al. Journal article Thermophysical properties of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier system based on diphenylmethane with the byproducts fluorene or perhydrofluorene (2023) Kerscher M, Jander JH, Cui J, Wasserscheid P, Rausch MH, Koller TM, Fröba AP Journal article, Original article Exsolution versus particle segregation on (Ni,Co)-doped and undoped SrTi0.3Fe0.7O3-δ perovskites: Differences and influence of the reduction path on the final system nanostructure (2023) Santaya M, Jiménez CE, Arce MD, Carbonio EA, Toscani LM, Garcia-Diez R, Knop-Gericke A, et al. Journal article Materials and techniques for hydrogen separation from methane-containing gas mixtures (2023) Lider A, Kudiiarov V, Kurdyumov N, Lyu J, Koptsev M, Travitzky N, Hotza D Journal article, Review article