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Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Vector Field Topology of Time-Dependent Flows in a Steady Reference Frame (2020) Baeza Rojo I, Günther T Journal article Sick Moves! Motion Parameters as Indicators of Simulator Sickness (2019) Feigl T, Roth D, Gradl S, Wirth M, Latoschik ME, Eskofier B, Philippsen M, Mutschler C Journal article, Original article Visual Analysis of Aneurysm Data using Statistical Graphics (2019) Meuschke M, Günther T, Berg P, Wickenhoefer R, Preim B, Lawonn K Journal article Objective Vortex Corelines of Finite-sized Objects in Fluid Flows (2019) Günther T, Theisel H Journal article Restoring the awareness in the occluded visual field for optical see-through head-mounted displays (2018) Qian L, Plopski A, Navab N, Kazanzides P Journal article Towards efficient visual guidance in limited field-of-view head-mounted displays (2018) Bork F, Schnelzer C, Eck U, Navab N Journal article Auto-Calibration for Dynamic Multi-Projection Mapping on Arbitrary Surfaces (2018) Kurth P, Lange V, Siegl C, Stamminger M, Bauer F Journal article, Original article The impact of avatar personalization and immersion on virtual body ownership, presence, and emotional response (2018) Waltemate T, Gall D, Roth D, Botsch M, Latoschik ME Journal article Looking beyond the Simple Scenarios: Combining Learners and Optimizers in 3D Temporal Tracking (2017) Tan DJ, Navab N, Tombari F Journal article SonifEye: Sonification of Visual Information Using Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis (2017) Roodaki H, Navab N, Eslami A, Stapleton C, Navab N Journal article
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