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Enhancements of discretization approaches for non-convex mixed-integer quadratically constrained quadratic programming: Part I (2024) Beach B, Burlacu R, Bärmann A, Hager L, Hildebrand R Journal article On the solution stability of parabolic optimal control problems (2023) Dominguez Corella A, Veliov VM, Jork N Journal article The continuous stochastic gradient method: part I–convergence theory (2023) Grieshammer M, Pflug L, Stingl M, Uihlein A Journal article Correction to: The continuous stochastic gradient method: part II–application and numerics (Computational Optimization and Applications, (2023), 10.1007/s10589-023-00540-w) (2023) Grieshammer M, Pflug L, Stingl M, Uihlein A Journal article, Erratum Robust optimal discrete arc sizing for tree-shaped potential networks (2019) Robinius M, Schewe L, Schmidt M, Stolten D, Thürauf J, Welder L Journal article MIP-based instantaneous control of mixed-integer PDE-constrained gas transport problems (2018) Gugat M, Leugering G, Martin A, Schmidt M, Sirvent M, Wintergerst D Journal article, Original article A derivative-free descent method in set optimization (2015) Jahn J Journal article, Original article Relaxation methods for mixed-integer optimal control of partial differential equations (2013) Hante F, Sager S Journal article Partitioning planar graphs: A fast combinatorial approach for max-cut (2012) Liers F, Pardella GL Journal article, Original article Optimal boundary control of the wave equation with pointwise control constraints (2011) Gugat M, Grimm V Journal article, Original article