ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems

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ISSN: 1084-4309
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

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A Scenario-Based DVFS-Aware Hybrid Application Mapping Methodology for MPSoCs (2024) Spieck J, Wildermann S, Teich J Journal article Automatic Synthesis of FSMs for Enforcing Non-Functional Requirements on MPSoCs Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (2023) Esper K, Wildermann S, Teich J Journal article, Original article A Learning-Based Methodology for Scenario-Aware Mapping of Soft Real-Time Applications onto Heterogeneous MPSoCs (2023) Spieck J, Wildermann S, Teich J Journal article Efficient One-Pass Synthesis for Digital Microfluidic Biochips (2021) Mohammadzadeh N, Wille R, Keszöcze O Journal article, Original article Multi-objective Optimization of Mapping Dataflow Applications to MPSoCs Using a Hybrid Evaluation Combining Analytic Models and Measurements (2020) Letras M, Falk J, Schwarzer T, Teich J Journal article, Original article Compilation of Dataflow Applications for Multi-Cores using Adaptive Multi-Objective Optimization (2019) Schwarzer T, Falk J, Müller S, Letras M, Heidorn C, Wildermann S, Teich J Journal article Automatic Optimization of the VLAN Partitioning in Automotive Communication Networks (2018) Smirnov F, Reimann F, Teich J, Glaß M Journal article, Original article Hierarchical Statistical Leakage Analysis and its Application (2016) Xu Y, Teich J Journal article MAESTRO - Holistic Actor-oriented Modeling of Non-Functional Properties and Firmware Behavior for MPSoCs (2014) Rosales R, Glaß M, Teich J, Wang B, Xu Y, Hasholzner R Journal article Hierarchical Power Management for Adaptive Tightly-Coupled Processor Arrays (2012) Lari V, Muddasani S, Boppu S, Hannig F, Schmid M, Teich J Journal article