IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

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ISSN: 0018-9448
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Bayesian Inference with Nonlinear Generative Models: Comments on Secure Learning (2023) Bereyhi A, Loureiro B, Krzakala F, Müller R, Schulz-Baldes H Journal article Two-Timescale Design for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Aided Massive MIMO Systems with Imperfect CSI (2022) Zhi K, Pan C, Ren H, Wang K, Elkashlan M, Di Renzo M, Schober R, et al. Journal article A precise bare simulation approach to the minimization of some distances. I. Foundations (2022) Broniatowski M, Stummer W Journal article Statistical Mechanics of MAP Estimation: General Replica Ansatz (2019) Bereyhi A, Müller R, Schulz-Baldes H Journal article Capacity scaling in MIMO systems with general unitarily invariant random matrices (2018) Çakmak B, Müller R, Fleury B Journal article, Original article Identifiability for Blind Source Separation of Multiple Finite Alphabet Linear Mixtures (2017) Behr M, Munk A Journal article Outage capacity of Rayleigh product channels: a free probability approach (2017) Zheng Z, Wei L, Speicher R, Müller R, Hämäläinen J, Corander J Journal article, Original article On Optimum Asymptotic Multiuser Efficiency of Randomly Spread CDMA (2015) Sedaghat MA, Müller R, Marvasti F Journal article Achievable Rate Region of the Bidirectional Buffer-Aided Relay Channel With Block Fading (2014) Jamali Kooshkghazi V, Zlatanov N, Ikhlef A, Schober R Journal article Buffer-aided relaying with adaptive link selection-fixed and mixed rate transmission (2013) Zlatanov N, Schober R Journal article
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