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In situ incubation of iron(II)-bearing minerals and Fe(0) reveals insights into metabolic flexibility of chemolithotrophic bacteria in a nitrate polluted karst aquifer (2024) Visser AN, Martin JD, Osenbrück K, Rügner H, Grathwohl P, Kappler A Journal article Exceptionally low mercury concentrations and fluxes from the 2021 and 2022 eruptions of Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland (2024) Edwards BA, Pfeffer MA, Ilyinskaya E, Kleine-Marshall B, Mandon CL, Cotterill A, Aiuppa A, et al. Journal article Branched GDGT-based temperature calibrations from Central European lakes (2024) Bauersachs T, Schubert CJ, Mayr C, Gilli A, Schwark L Journal article Multi-isotope fingerprints of recent environmental samples from the Baltic coast and their implications for bioarchaeological studies (2023) Göhring A, Hölzl S, Mayr C, Strauss H Journal article The role of groundwater in CO2 production and carbon storage in Mediterranean peatlands: An isotope geochemistry approach (2023) Santoni S, Garel E, Gillon M, Babic M, Spangenberg JE, Bomou B, Sebag D, et al. Journal article Identification and quantification of the sea spray effect on isotopic systems in α-cellulose (δ13C, δ18O), total sulfur (δ34S), and 87Sr/86Sr of European beach grass (Ammophila arenaria, L.) in a greenhouse experiment (2023) Göhring A, Hölzl S, Mayr C, Strauss H Journal article No evidence of microplastic ingestion in emperor penguin chicks (Aptenodytes forsteri) from the Atka Bay colony (Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica) (2022) Leistenschneider C, Le Bohec C, Eisen O, Houstin A, Neff S, Primpke S, Paranhos Zitterbart D, et al. Journal article Interlaboratory Comparison Investigations (ICIs) and External Quality Assurance Schemes (EQUASs) for human biomonitoring of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in serum as part of the quality assurance programme under HBM4EU (2022) Nübler S, Esteban López M, Castaño A, Mol HG, Haji-Abbas-Zarrabi K, Schäfer M, Müller J, et al. Journal article Novel evaluations of sources and sinks of dissolved oxygen via stable isotopes in lentic water bodies (2022) Dordoni M, Seewald M, Rinke K, Schmidmeier J, Barth J Journal article Deodorization of post-consumer plastic waste fractions: A comparison of different washing media (2022) Roosen M, Harinck L, Ügdüler S, De Somer T, Hucks AG, Gomes de Aragao Belé T, Büttner A, et al. Journal article