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Influence of Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Particles Doped with Cu and Mg on the Microstructure and Properties of Zein-Based Coatings Obtained by Electrophoretic Deposition (2023) Maciąg F, Moskalewicz T, Cholewa-Kowalska K, Hadzhieva Z, Dziadek M, Dubiel B, Łukaszczyk A, Boccaccini AR Journal article Characterization of Oxygen and Ion Mass Transport Resistance in Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers in Gas Diffusion Electrode Setups (2023) Lauf P, Lloret V, Geuß M, Cuadrado Collados C, Thommes M, Mayrhofer K, Ehelebe K, Cherevko S Journal article Respirometric in Situ Methods for Real-Time Monitoring of Corrosion Rates: Part III. Deconvolution of Electrochemical Polarization Curves (2023) Strebl M, Bruns M, Virtanen S Journal article Investigation of Iridium-Based OER Catalyst Layers in a GDE Half-Cell Setup: Opportunities and Challenges (2023) Geuß M, Milosevic M, Bierling M, Löttert L, Abbas D, Escalera-López D, Lloret V, et al. Journal article Role of Copper on Repassivation of Stainless Steel Pits (2023) Hariharan K Journal article, Original article Effect of Recombination Catalyst Loading in PEMWE Membranes on Anodic Hydrogen Content Reduction (2022) Abbas D, Martin A, Trinke P, Bierling M, Bensmann B, Thiele S, Hanke-Rauschenbach R, Boehm T Journal article Influence of Si3N4 and CuO Nanoparticles on the Microstructure and Properties of Multiphase Graphite Oxide/Hydroxyapatite/Sodium Alginate Coatings Obtained By Electrophoretic Deposition on Titanium Alloy (2022) Moskalewicz T, Warcaba M, Hadzhieva Z, Lukaszczyk A, Jelen P, Sitarz M, Boccaccini AR Journal article Electrochemical Passivation Properties of Valve Transition Metal Carbides (2022) Goehl D, Ruess H, Mingers AM, Mayrhofer K, Schneider JM, Ledendecker M Journal article On the Correlation between the Oxygen in Hydrogen Content and the Catalytic Activity of Cathode Catalysts in PEM Water Electrolysis (2021) Martin A, Trinke P, Van Pham C, Buehler M, Bierling M, Holzapfel PKR, Bensmann B, et al. Journal article Communication-Proving the Importance of Pt-Interlayer Position in PEMWE Membranes for the Effective Reduction of the Anodic Hydrogen Content (2021) Martin A, Abbas D, Trinke P, Boehm T, Bierling M, Bensmann B, Thiele S, Hanke-Rauschenbach R Journal article