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The role of Ca/Zr ratio on the local structure and phase transitions in lead-free (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 (2024) Dobesh D, Gadelmawla A, Miyazaki H, Hinterstein M, Kimura K, Maier J, Banerjee S, et al. Journal article Polymer-derived Biosilicate-C composite foams: In-vitro bioactivity, biocompatibility and antibacterial activity (2024) Dogrul F, Nawaz Q, Elsayed H, Liverani L, Galusek D, Bernardo E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Corrigendum to “Enhanced grain growth and dielectric properties in aerosol deposited BaTiO3” [J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 43 (2023) 4386–4394, (S0955221923001929), (10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2023.03.012)] (2023) Bentzen M, Maier J, Eckstein U, He J, Henss A, Khansur NH, Glaum J Journal article, Erratum Enhanced grain growth and dielectric properties in aerosol deposited BaTiO3 (2023) Bentzen M, Maier J, Eckstein U, He J, Henss A, Khansur NH, Glaum J Journal article Additive manufacturing of ceramic materials for energy applications: Road map and opportunities (2022) Cramer CL, Ionescu E, Graczyk-Zajac M, Nelson AT, Katoh Y, Haslam JJ, Wondraczek L, et al. Journal article Nucleation mechanisms in a SiO2-Li2O-P2O5-ZrO2 biomedical glass-ceramic: Insights on crystallisation, residual glasses and Zr4+ structural environment (2022) Cicconi MR, Belli R, Brehl M, Lubauer J, Hayakawa T, Kimura K, Hirota T, et al. Journal article Residual-stress-induced crack formation in robocasted multi-material ceramics: Stress considerations and crack prevention (2022) Wahl L, Cicconi MR, Weichelt M, de Ligny D, Travitzky N Journal article Electrophoretic co-deposition of Mn1.5Co1.5O4, Fe2O3 and CuO: Unravelling the effect of simultaneous addition of Cu and Fe on the microstructural, thermo-mechanical and corrosion properties of in-situ modified spinel coatings for solid oxide cell interconnects (2022) Zanchi E, Ignaczak J, Molin S, Cempura G, Boccaccini AR, Smeacetto F Journal article Resistance-curve envelopes for dental lithium disilicate glass-ceramics (2022) Lubauer J, Ast J, Göken M, Merle B, Lohbauer U, Belli R Journal article Functionally graded laminated composites fabricated from MAX-phase filled preceramic papers: Microstructure, mechanical properties and oxidation resistance (2022) Kashkarov EB, Krotkevich DG, Mingazova YR, Pushilina NS, Syrtanov MS, Lider AM, Travitzky N Journal article