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The shape of titanium dioxide nanomaterials modulates their protection efficacy against ultraviolet light in human skin cells (2020) Ilić K, Selmani A, Milić M, Glavan TM, Zapletal E, Ćurlin M, Yokosawa T, et al. Journal article Correlation between product purity and process parameters for the synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoparticles using microwave irradiation (2017) Ahmad R, Nicholson KS, Nawaz Q, Peukert W, Distaso M Journal article, Original article Fingerprint signatures based on nanomagnets as markers in materials for tracing and counterfeit protection (2016) Szielasko K, Youssef A, Sporn D, Mandel K Journal article Uptake, delivery, and anticancer activity of thymoquinone nanoparticles in breast cancer cells (2016) Fakhoury I, Saad W, Bouhadir K, Nygren P, Schneider-Stock R, Gali-Muhtasib H Journal article Potential of two-line atomic fluorescence for temperature imaging in turbulent indium-oxide-producing flames (2015) Münsterjohann B, Huber F, Klima T, Holfelder S, Engel S, Miller JD, Meyer TR, Will S Journal article Influence of relative humidity and physical load during storage on dustiness of inorganic nanomaterials: implications for testing and risk assessment (2015) Levin M, Rojas E, Vanhala E, Vippola M, Liguori B, Kling KI, Koponen IK, et al. Journal article Room-temperature sol-gel synthesis of organic ligand-capped ZnO nanoparticles (2015) Zobel M, Chatterjee H, Matveeva G, Kolb U, Neder R Journal article Applying contact to individual silicon nanowires using a dielectrophoresis (DEP)-based technique (2013) Leiterer C, Broenstrup G, Jahr N, Urban M, Arnold C, Christiansen S, Fritzsche W Journal article Delamination of hexagonal boron nitride in a stirred media mill (2013) Damm C, Peukert W, Körner J Journal article, Original article Facile synthesis and post-processing of eco-friendly, highly conductive copper zinc tin sulphide nanoparticles (2013) Ahmad R, Distaso M, Azimi SH, Brabec C, Peukert W Journal article, Original article