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In situ X-ray tomography investigation of the crack formation in an intermetallic beta-stabilized TiAl-alloy during a stepwise tensile loading (2019) Löffl C, Saage H, Göken M Journal article Enhanced monotonic and cyclic mechanical properties of ultrafine-grained laminated metal composites with strong and stiff interlayers (2018) Kümmel F, Diepold B, Prakash A, Höppel HW, Göken M Journal article Very high cycle fatigue for single phase ductile materials: Comparison between α-iron, copper and α-brass polycrystals (2016) Favier V, Blanche A, Wang C, Ngoc Lam Phung , Ranc N, Wagner D, Bathias C, et al. Journal article In Memoriam Claude Bathias 1938–2015 (2016) Antolovich SD, Mughrabi H Journal article On the transition from plastic deformation to crack initiation in the high- and very high-cycle fatigue regimes in plain carbon steels (2016) Bach J, Möller J, Göken M, Bitzek E, Höppel HW Journal article, Original article A tribute to Claude Bathias – Highlights of his pioneering work in Gigacycle Fatigue (2016) Mughrabi H, Antolovich SD Journal article Atomistic aspects of fracture (2015) Bitzek E, Kermode JR, Gumbsch P Journal article Very high cycle fatigue of copper: Evolution, morphology and locations of surface slip markings (2014) Phung NL, Favier V, Ranc N, Vales F, Mughrabi H Journal article Crack initiation mechanisms in AA6082 fatigued in the VHCF-regime (2014) Bach J, Höppel HW, Prell M, Göken M Journal article Microstructural fatigue mechanisms: Cyclic slip irreversibility, crack initiation, non-linear elastic damage analysis (2013) Mughrabi H Journal article
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