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Smoothed finite element methods in simulation of active contraction of myocardial tissue samples (2023) Martonová D, Holz D, Duong MT, Leyendecker S Journal article, Original article Transmural fibre orientations based on Laplace-Dirichlet-Rule-Based-Methods and their influence on human heart simulations (2023) Holz D, Martonová D, Schaller E, Duong MT, Alkassar M, Weyand M, Leyendecker S Journal article Comparison of stress and stress–strain approaches for the active contraction in a rat cardiac cycle model (2022) Martonová D, Holz D, Seufert J, Duong MT, Alkassar M, Leyendecker S Journal article In-vitro validation of inertial-sensor-to-bone alignment (2021) Weygers I, Kok M, Seel T, Shah D, Taylan O, Scheys L, Hallez H, Claeys K Journal article Towards the simulation of active cardiac mechanics using a smoothed finite element method (2021) Martonová D, Holz D, Duong MT, Leyendecker S Journal article A solution method for predictive simulations in a stochastic environment (2020) Koelewijn A, van den Bogert AJ Journal article On age-dependent bone remodeling (2020) Papastavrou A, Schmidt I, Deng K, Steinmann P Journal article Sensitivity of multifrequency magnetic resonance elastography and diffusion-weighted imaging to cellular and stromal integrity of liver tissue (2019) De Schellenberger AA, Tzschaetzsch H, Polchlopek B, Bertalan G, Schrank F, Garczynska K, Janmey PA, et al. Journal article Estimation of Gait Kinematics and Kinetics from Inertial Sensor Data Using Optimal Control of Musculoskeletal Models (2019) Dorschky E, Nitschke M, Seifer AK, van den Bogert AJ, Eskofier B Journal article, Original article Altered biomechanical stimulation of the developing hip joint in presence of hip dysplasia risk factors (2018) Verbruggen SW, Kainz B, Shelmerdine SC, Arthurs OJ, Hajnal JV, Rutherford MA, Phillips ATM, Nowlan NC Journal article
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