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Influence of Reduced Saliva Production on Phonation in Patients With Ectodermal Dysplasia (2021) Semmler M, Kniesburges S, Pelka F, Ensthaler M, Wendler OD, Schützenberger A Journal article Sources of Aerosol Dispersion During Singing and Potential Safety Procedures for Singers (2021) Westphalen C, Kniesburges S, Veltrup R, Gantner S, Peters G, Benthaus T, Jakubaß B, et al. Journal article Influence of Loudness on Vocal Stability in the Male Passaggio (2021) Echternach M, Döllinger M, Köberlein M, Kuranova L, Kainz MA Journal article What Makes the Cepstral Peak Prominence Different to Other Acoustic Correlates of Vocal Quality? (2020) Ferrer Riesgo CA, Nöth E Journal article Control of Fundamental Frequency in Dysphonic Patients During Phonation and Speech (2019) Ziethe A, Petermann S, Hoppe U, Greiner N, Brüning M, Bohr C, Döllinger M Journal article Computational Models of Laryngeal Aerodynamics: Potentials and Numerical Costs (2019) Sadeghi H, Kniesburges S, Kaltenbacher M, Schützenberger A, Döllinger M Journal article The Effect of Nasalance on Vocal Fold Oscillation Patterns During the Male Passaggio (2019) Echternach M, Högerle C, Köberlein M, Schlegel P, Döllinger M, Richter B, Kainz MA Journal article Dependencies and Ill-designed Parameters Within High-speed Videoendoscopy and Acoustic Signal Analysis (2018) Schlegel P, Stingl M, Kunduk M, Kniesburges S, Bohr C, Döllinger M Journal article, Original article Oscillatory Onset and Offset in Young Vocally Healthy Adults Across Various Measurement Methods (2017) Patel RR, Walker R, Döllinger M Journal article Phonation Analysis Combined with 3D Reconstruction of the Thyroarytenoid Muscle in Aged Ovine Ex Vivo Larynx Models (2017) Gerstenberger C, Döllinger M, Kniesburges S, Bubalo V, Karbiener M, Schlager H, Sadeghi H, et al. Journal article
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