Journal of Laser Micro Nanoengineering

Journal Abbreviation: J LASER MICRO NANOEN
ISSN: 1880-0688
Publisher: Japan Laser Processing Society (JLPS)

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Advances of Laser Welding Technology of Glass -Science and Technology- (2020) Miyamoto I, Cvecek K, Schmidt M Journal article, Letter Early Stage Material Motion and Transient Optical Properties of Metals after Ultrashort Laser Pulse Irradiation (2019) Mcdonnell C, Winter J, Rapp S, Huber HP, Schmidt M Journal article Multi pulse pump-probe diagnostics for development of advanced transparent materials processing (2018) Jenne M, Zimmermann F, Flamm D, Grossmann D, Kleiner J, Kumkar M, Nolte S Journal article Optical Trap Assisted Nanopatterning: Process Parallelization and Dynamic Structure Generation (2017) Strauß J, Baum M, Alexeev I, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Influence of wavelength on glass welding by ultra-short laser pulses (2017) Cvecek K, Stenglein F, Miyamoto I, Schmidt M Journal article Laser drop on demand micro joining for high temperature wire bonding applications - system technology and mechanical joint performance (2017) Stein S, Dippert J, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Effect of picosecond laser based modifications of amorphous carbon coatings on lubricant-free tribological systems (2017) Häfner T, Heberle J, Hautmann H, Zhao R, Tenner J, Tremmel S, Merklein M, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article High Temperature Laser Based Drop on Demand Micro Joining of Thin Metallic Layers or Foils using Bronze Braze Preforms (2016) Stein S, Heberle J, Suchy M, Tenner F, Hugger F, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Fabrication and Application of Phase only Holograms for High Power Laser Beam Shaping (2016) Alexeev I, Brehm E, Nendel F, Strauß J, Baum M, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Evidence of Pressure Waves in Confined Laser Ablation (2015) Domke M, Felsl D, Rapp S, Sotrop J, Huber H, Schmidt M Journal article
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