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Cost effectiveness of pembrolizumab in combination with chemotherapy as neoadjuvant therapy and continued as a single agent as adjuvant therapy for high-risk early-stage TNBC in the United States (2022) Fasching P, Huang M, Haiderali A, Xue W, Pan W, Zhou ZY, Hu P, et al. Conference contribution Q-TWiST analysis of pembrolizumab combined with chemotherapy as first-line treatment of metastatic TNBC that expresses PD-L1 (2022) Fasching P, Huang M, Haiderali A, Pan W, Hu P, Chaudhuri M, De Tilleghem CLB, et al. Conference contribution Machine learning based on blood biomarkers predicts fast progression in advanced NSCLC patients treated with immunotherapy (2022) Zhou JG, Yang J, Wang H, Wong AHH, Tan F, Chen X, He S, et al. Conference contribution Management of adults and children receiving CAR T-cell therapy: 2021 best practice recommendations of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) and the Joint Accreditation Committee of ISCT and EBMT (JACIE) and the European Haematology Association (EHA) (2022) Hayden PJ, Roddie C, Bader P, Basak GW, Bonig H, Bonini C, Chabannon C, et al. Journal article Corrigendum to ‘Multiple myeloma: EHA-ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up’: (Annals of Oncology (2021) 32(3) (309–322), (S0923753420431692), (10.1016/j.annonc.2020.11.014)) (2022) Dimopoulos MA, Moreau P, Terpos E, Mateos MV, Zweegman S, Cook G, Delforge M, et al. Journal article, Erratum Treatment outcome of atypical EGFR mutations in the German National Network Genomic Medicine Lung Cancer (nNGM) (2022) Janning M, Süptitz J, Albers-Leischner C, Delpy P, Tufman A, Velthaus-Rusik JL, Reck M, et al. Journal article BNT211: A phase I/II trial to evaluate safety and efficacy of CLDN6 CAR-T cells and CARVac-mediated in vivo expansion in patients with CLDN6+advanced solid tumors (2021) Haanen J, Mackensen A, Koenecke C, Alsdorf W, Desuki A, Wagner-Drouet E, Heudobler D, et al. Conference contribution Identification of an endogenous retroviral signature to predict PD-1 blockade response in advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma: Integrated analysis of three clinical trials (2021) Zhou JG, Wang H, Ma H, Gaipl U Conference contribution Corrigendum to "Lung and thymic carcinoids: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up": [Annals of Oncology 32 (2021) 439-451 (2021) Baudin E, Caplin M, Garcia-Carbonero R, Fazio N, Ferolla P, Filosso PL, Frilling A, et al. Journal article, Erratum KEYNOTE-522: Phase III study of neoadjuvant pembrolizumab D chemotherapy vs. placebo D chemotherapy, followed by adjuvant pembrolizumab vs. placebo for earlystage TNBC (2021) Schmid P, Cortes J, Dent R, Pusztai L, Mcarthur H, Kummel S, Bergh J, et al. Conference contribution