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Modeling of the Continuous Dehydrogenation of Perhydro-Dibenzyltoluene in a Cuboid Reactor (2024) Geißelbrecht M, Benker R, Seidel A, Preuster P Journal article Partially Lithiated Microscale Silicon Particles as Anode Material for High-Energy Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries (2023) Poetke S, Cangaz S, Hippauf F, Haufe S, Doerfler S, Althues H, Kaskel S Journal article Performance of Continuous Hydrogen Production from Perhydro Benzyltoluene by Catalytic Distillation and Heat Integration Concepts with a Fuel Cell (2023) Rüde T, Lu Y, Anschuetz L, Blasius M, Wolf M, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P, Geißelbrecht M Journal article Impact of Preprocessing of Graphene Additive via Ultrasonication on the Electrochemical Performance of Activated Carbon-Based Supercapacitors (2023) Chameh B, Shaker M, Shahalizade T, Sadeghi Ghazvini A, Saznaghi MH, Farhadi S, Shahroudi H, et al. Journal article Direct and Indirect Effects of Fluorine on the Photocatalytic Performance of Titania-Based Photocatalysts (2023) Wu S, Schmuki P Journal article Sb-Substituted Cs2AgBiBr6—As Much As It Could Be?—Influence of Synthesis Methods on Sb-Substitution Level in Cs2AgBiBr6 (2022) Yoon S, Fett B, Frebel A, Kroisl S, Herbig B, Widenmeyer M, Balke B, et al. Journal article SiO2–GeO2 Glass–Ceramic Flakes as an Anode Material for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries (2022) Esper JD, Maußner F, Romeis S, Zhuo Y, Barr M, Yokosawa T, Spiecker E, et al. Journal article The Importance of Swelling Effects on Cathode Density and Electrochemical Performance of Lithium−Sulfur Battery Cathodes Produced via Dry Processing (2022) Schmidt F, Ehrling S, Schoenherr K, Doerfler S, Abendroth T, Althues H, Kaskel S Journal article Energetics of Technical Integration of 2-Propanol Fuel Cells: Thermodynamic and Current and Future Technical Feasibility (2022) Braun K, Wolf M, de Oliveira A, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P, Thiele S, Weiß L, Wensing M Journal article Monolithic In-Plane Integration of Gate-Modulated Switchable Supercapacitors (2022) Braeuniger Y, Lochmann S, Gellrich C, Galle L, Grothe J, Kaskel S Journal article