Journal of Signal Processing Systems

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Publisher: Springer

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Special Issue on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (2022) Hannig F, Derrien S Journal article, Editorial Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Principal Subspace Projection for Acoustic Scene Classification (2022) Mezza AI, Habets E, Müller M, Sarti A Journal article Online Acoustic System Identification Exploiting Kalman Filtering and an Adaptive Impulse Response Subspace Model (2022) Haubner T, Brendel A, Kellermann W Journal article Introduction to the Special Issue on Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (2021) Hannig F, Koch D Journal article, Editorial Application-Specific Tailoring of Multi-Core SoCs for Real-Time Systems with Diverse Predictability Demands (2019) Vaas S, Ulbrich P, Reichenbach M, Fey D Journal article, Original article Loop Parallelization Techniques for FPGA Accelerator Synthesis (2018) Reiche O, Özkan MA, Hannig F, Teich J, Schmid M Journal article Heterogeneous Computing Utilizing FPGAs (2018) Reichenbach M, Holzinger P, Häublein K, Lieske T, Blinzer P, Fey D Journal article, Original article Embedded Fluorescence Lifetime Determination for High-Throughput, Low-Photon-Number Applications (2018) Lieske T, Uhring W, Dumas N, Skilitsi AI, Leonard J, Fey D Journal article, Original article DFC++ Processing Framework Concept: A Novel Framework Approach for Flexible Signal Processing on Embedded Systems (2017) Soller D, Jaumann T, Kilian G, Robert J, Heuberger A Journal article, Original article A Novel Image Impulse Noise Removal Algorithm Optimized for Hardware Accelerators (2016) Bhadouria VS, Tanase AP, Schmid M, Hannig F, Teich J, Ghoshal D Journal article