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Pragmatic targets for moderate/severe SLE and their implications for clinical care and trial design: sustained DORIS or LLDAS for at least 6 months is sufficient while their attainment for at least 24 months ensures high specificity for damage-free progression (2024) Pitsigavdaki S, Nikoloudaki M, Garantziotis P, Silvagni E, Repa A, Marangoni A, Flouri I, et al. Journal article Erosive hand osteoarthritis and sarcopenia: data from Osteoarthritis Initiative cohort (2024) Moradi K, Kwee RM, Mohajer B, Guermazi A, Roemer FW, Ibad HA, Haugen IK, et al. Journal article 2023 EULAR recommendations on imaging in diagnosis and management of crystal-induced arthropathies in clinical practice (2024) Mandl P, D'Agostino MA, Navarro-Compán V, Geßl I, Sakellariou G, Abhishek A, Becce F, et al. Journal article Expression of HIF1α in intestinal epithelium restricts arthritis inflammation by inhibiting RIPK3-induced cell death machinery (2024) Lyu P, Wen J, Zhang W, Liu N, Stolzer I, Gießl A, Jia Y, et al. Journal article Syntenin-1-mediated arthritogenicity is advanced by reprogramming RA metabolic macrophages and Th1 cells (2023) Meyer A, Sienes RE, Nijim W, Zanotti B, Umar S, Volin MV, Van Raemdonck K, et al. Journal article Treatment of a patient with severe systemic sclerosis (SSc) using CD19-targeted CAR T cells. (2023) Bergmann C, Müller F, Distler J, Györfi AH, Völkl S, Aigner M, Kretschmann S, et al. Journal article, Letter EULAR points to consider for the definition of clinical and imaging features suspicious for progression from psoriasis to psoriatic arthritis (2023) Zabotti A, De Marco G, Gossec L, Baraliakos X, Aletaha D, Iagnocco A, Gisondi P, et al. Journal article L-Arginine metabolism inhibits arthritis and inflammatory bone loss (2023) Cao S, Li Y, Song R, Meng X, Fuchs M, Liang C, Kachler K, et al. Journal article Keratinocyte-derived S100A9 modulates neutrophil infiltration and affects psoriasis-like skin and joint disease (2022) Mellor LF, Gago-Lopez N, Bakiri L, Schmidt FN, Busse B, Rauber S, Jimenez M, et al. Journal article AB1528-HPR FULL BODY HAPTIC BODYSUIT - AN INSTRUMENT TO MEASURE THE RANGE AND SPEED OF MOTION IN PATIENTS WITH AXIAL SPONDYLOARTHRITIS (axSpA) - PRELIMINARY RESULTS (2022) Weber N, Lennartz R, Knitza J, Bayat S, Sadeghi M, Ibrahim A, Karatastan C, et al. Journal article