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Simultaneous Estimation of Digit Tip Forces and Hand Postures in a Simulated Real-life Condition with High-density Electromyography and Deep Learning (2024) Rahimi F, Badamchizadeh MA, Ghaemi S, Del Vecchio A Journal article Guest Editorial Trustworthy and Collaborative AI for Personalised Healthcare Through Edge-of-Things (2023) Ren Z, Schuller BW, Eskofier B, Nguyen TT, Nejdl W Journal article Video-Based Activity Recognition for Automated Motor Assessment of Parkinson's Disease (2023) Sarapata G, Dushin Y, Morinan G, Ong J, Budhdeo S, Kainz B, O'Keeffe J Journal article Guest Editorial Advancing Biomedical Discovery and Healthcare Delivery Through Digital Technology (2023) Cerutti S, Eskofier B, Tourassi G Journal article, Review article Deep Learning in Surgical Workflow Analysis: A Review of Phase and Step Recognition (2023) Demir KC, Schieber H, Weise T, May M, Maier A, Yang SH Journal article Segment-Based Spotting of Bowel Sounds Using Pretrained Models in Continuous Data Streams (2023) Baronetto A, Graf L, Fischer S, Neurath M, Amft O Journal article Fall Risk Prediction in Parkinson's Disease Using Real-World Inertial Sensor Gait Data. (2023) Ullrich M, Roth N, Küderle A, Richer R, Gladow T, Gaßner H, Marxreiter F, et al. Journal article Real-World Stair Ambulation Characteristics Differ Between Prospective Fallers and Non-Fallers in Parkinson’s Disease (2022) Roth N, Ullrich M, Küderle A, Gladow T, Marxreiter F, Gaßner H, Kluge F, et al. Journal article Seamless Virtual Whole Slide Image Synthesis and Validation Using Perceptual Embedding Consistency (2021) Lahiani A, Klaman I, Navab N, Albarqouni S, Klaiman E Journal article Machine Learning Techniques for Ophthalmic Data Processing: A Review (2020) Sarhan MH, Nasseri MA, Zapp D, Maier M, Lohmann CP, Navab N, Eslami A Journal article
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