Advanced Optical Materials

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Modulating the Microenvironment of Coumarin Dyes within Multihierarchical Supraparticles: En Route toward Versatile Luminescent Dual-Threshold Temperature Indicators with Ratiometric Readout (2024) Reichstein J, Luthardt L, Martello VG, Pianetti A, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article Multiresponsive Dielectric Metasurfaces Based on Dual Light- and Temperature-Responsive Copolymers (2023) Zou C, Poudel P, Walden SL, Tanaka K, Minovich A, Pertsch T, Schacher FH, Staude I Journal article Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Sensitized Singlet Fission in BODIPY-Pentacene Dimer Conjugates (2023) Wollny AS, Lavarda G, Papadopoulos I, López-Duarte I, Gotfredsen H, Hou Y, Tykwinski RR, et al. Journal article Carbon Dots Enabling Parts-Per-Billion Sensitive and Ultraselective Photoluminescence Lifetime-Based Sensing of Inorganic Mercury (2023) Zdražil L, Panáček D, Šedajová V, Baďura Z, Langer M, Medveď M, Paloncýová M, et al. Journal article Broadband Photoconductive Sampling in Gallium Phosphide (2023) Altwaijry N, Qasim M, Mamaikin M, Schoetz J, Golyari K, Heynck M, Ridente E, et al. Journal article Lasing by Template-Assisted Self-Assembled Quantum Dots (2023) Aftenieva O, Sudzius M, Prudnikau A, Adnan M, Sarkar S, Lesnyak V, Leo K, et al. Journal article Epitaxial Growth of Vertically Aligned Antimony Selenide Nanorod Arrays for Heterostructure Based Self-Powered Photodetector (2022) Cao Y, Qu P, Wang C, Zhou J, Li M, Yu X, Yu X, et al. Journal article Enhanced Figure of Merit via Hybridized Guided-Mode Resonances in 2D-Metallic Photonic Crystal Slabs (2022) Sarkar S, Ghosh AK, Adnan M, Aftenieva O, Gupta V, Fery A, Joseph J, Koenig TAF Journal article Hybrid Inorganic–Organic Luminescent Supraparticle Taggants with Switchable Dual-Level ID (2022) Miller F, Reichstein J, Mandel K Journal article, Online publication Rising Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: Fire-Proof Magnetically Retrievable Supraparticles with an Optical Fingerprint for Postmortem Identification of Products (2022) Miller F, Wenderoth S, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article