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Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Rate-Splitting for IRS-Aided Multiuser VR Streaming: An Imitation Learning-Based Approach (2023) Huang R, Wong VW, Schober R Conference contribution Two-Phase Channel Estimation for UPA-Type RIS-Aided Multi-User mmWave Systems with Reduced Pilot Overhead and Error Propagation (2023) Peng Z, Pan C, Zhou G, Ren H Conference contribution Smart Resource Allocation Model via Artificial Intelligence in Software Defined 6G Networks (2023) Nouruzi A, Rezaei A, Khalili A, Mokari N, Javan MR, Jorswieck EA, Yanikomeroglu H Conference contribution AoI-Driven Client Scheduling for Federated Learning: A Lagrangian Index Approach (2023) Ma M, Wong VW, Schober R Conference contribution Unveiling the Importance of NOMA for Reducing AoI (2023) Ding Z, Schober R, Poor HV Conference contribution Media Modulation in Molecular Communications (2022) Brand L, Garkisch M, Lotter S, Schäfer M, Castiglione K, Schober R Conference contribution Analysis of Receiver Covered by Heterogeneous Receptors in Molecular Communications (2022) Huang X, Fang Y, Johnston ST, Faria M, Yang N, Schober R Conference contribution Simultaneously Transmitting and Reflecting (STAR)-RISs: A Coupled Phase-Shift Model (2022) Liu Y, Mu X, Schober R, Poor HV Conference contribution Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Enhanced Symbiotic Radio Systems (2022) Hu S, Liu C, Wei Z, Cai Y, Kwan Ng DW, Yuan J Conference contribution Analysis and Optimization of RIS-Aided Massive MIMO with ZF Detectors and Imperfect CSI (2022) Zhi K, Pan C, Zhou G, Ren H, Elkashlan M, Schober R Conference contribution
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