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Publisher: Inderscience

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Communicating high-tech products – A comparison between print advertisements of automotive premium and standard brands (2016) Baccarella C, Scheiner C, Trefzger TF, Voigt KI Journal article, Original article Special Issue on Marketing Innovative Technology Solutions in Global Market: Insights and Perspectives (2015) Brem A, Huizingh E, Viardot É Other publication type The impact of the emergence of internal hospital rating sites on patients’ choice: a quality evaluation and examination of the patterns of approach (2012) Niehues SM, Emmert M, Haas M, Schöffski O, Hamm B Journal article, Original article Special Issue on the Using Innovation to Achieve Long-Term Sustainable Positions in Markets (2012) Brem A, Huizingh E, Viardot É Other publication type Marketing of new Technologies: The case of Renewable Energies in the UK (2011) Brem A, Mühlmann F, Sarmiento T Journal article Special Issue on the Renewed Voice of the Customer in Innovation Design (2011) Brem A Other publication type Special Issue on R&D, Innovation and Marketing: How to Convince Internal and External Stakeholders of Technological Innovations (2009) Brem A, Katzenstein L, Sherif H, Voigt KI Other publication type Technology Intelligence Systems for Manufacturing Technologies – An Empirical Analysis in the Context of Timing-Strategies (2009) Gerhard D, Voigt KI Journal article Product Development in the Automotive Industry: Crucial Success Drivers for Technological Innovations (2008) Gerhard D, Brem A, Voigt KI Journal article