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Mending a broken heart by biomimetic 3D printed natural biomaterial-based cardiac patches: a review (2023) Rosellini E, Cascone MG, Guidi GM, Schubert DW, Roether J, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Review article Editorial: Polydopamine-based structures innovation for surface engineering and Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration (2023) Ghorbani F, Ghalandari B, Boccaccini AR, Rosenzweig DH Journal article Modelling the interaction between wearable assistive devices and digital human models—A systematic review (2023) Scherb D, Wartzack S, Miehling J Journal article On the relationship between metabolic capacities and in vivo viscoelastic properties of the liver (2023) Shahryari M, Keller S, Meierhofer D, Wallach I, Safraou Y, Guo J, Garcia SMR, et al. Journal article High-resolution ultrasound tendon-to-bone distances in partial and complete finger flexor A2 pulley ruptures simulated in human cadaver dissection: toward understanding imaging of partial pulley ruptures (2023) Iruretagoiena X, Schöffl VR, Balius R, Blasi M, Dávila F, Sala X, Sancho I, De La Fuente J Journal article A multi-sensor wearable system for the assessment of diseased gait in real-world conditions (2023) Salis F, Bertuletti S, Bonci T, Caruso M, Scott K, Alcock L, Buckley E, et al. Journal article Sol-gel synthesis of lithium doped mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles and tricalcium silicate for restorative dentistry: Comparative investigation of physico-chemical structure, antibacterial susceptibility and biocompatibility (2023) Simila H, Boccaccini AR Journal article Poro-viscoelastic material parameter identification of brain tissue-mimicking hydrogels (2023) Kainz MP, Greiner A, Hinrichsen J, Kolb D, Comellas E, Steinmann P, Budday S, et al. Journal article Simulating the mechanical stimulation of cells on a porous hydrogel scaffold using an FSI model to predict cell differentiation (2023) Azizi P, Drobek C, Budday S, Seitz H Journal article A critical review on polydopamine surface-modified scaffolds in musculoskeletal regeneration (2022) Tolabi H, Bakhtiary N, Sayadi S, Tamaddon M, Ghorbani F, Boccaccini AR, Liu C Journal article, Review article