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The Determination of Assistance-as-Needed Support by an Ankle–Foot Orthosis for Patients with Foot Drop (2023) Scherb D, Steck P, Wechsler I, Wartzack S, Miehling J Journal article, Original article The Effectiveness of Health-Oriented Interventions and Health Promotion for Unemployed People—A Meta-Analysis (2023) Paul KI, Hollederer A Journal article, Review article Aligning Federated Learning with Existing Trust Structures in Health Care Systems (2023) Abdullahi I, Raab R, Küderle A, Eskofier B Journal article, Original article Standardized High-Quality Processes for End-of-Life-Decision Making in the Intensive Care Unit Remain Robust during an Unprecedented New Pandemic—A Single-Center Experience (2022) Marsch F, Spies CD, Francis R, Graw JA Journal article Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Physical Activity (2022) Schubert-Olesen O, Kroeger J, Siegmund T, Thurm U, Halle M Journal article, Review article Left Ventricular, Left Atrial and Right Ventricular Strain Modifications after Maximal Exercise in Elite Ski-Mountaineering Athletes: A Feasibility Speckle Tracking Study (2022) Zimmermann P, Eckstein ML, Moser O, Schoeffl I, Zimmermann L, Schöffl VR Journal article Nationwide Analysis on Intentional Indoor and Outdoor Tanning: Prevalence and Correlates (2022) Diehl K, Breitbart EW, Greinert R, Hillhouse J, Stapleton JL, Görig T Journal article A German Model Project for Workplace Health Promotion— Flow of Communication, Information, and Reasons for Non-Participation in the Offered Measures (2022) Lutz R, Fischmann W, Drexler H, Nöhammer E Journal article Physiological Aspects of World Elite Competitive German Winter Sport Athletes (2022) Zimmermann P, Wüstenfeld J, Zimmermann L, Schöffl V, Schöffl I Journal article Development of a Framework for Scaling Up Community-Based Health Promotion: A Best Fit Framework Synthesis (2022) Weber P, Birkholz L, Kohler S, Helsper N, Dippon L, Rütten A, Pfeifer K, Semrau J Journal article, Review article
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