Advanced Energy Materials

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Reducing Voltage Losses in Organic Photovoltaics Requires Interfacial Disorder Management (2024) Wang R, Han L, Li N, Chochos CL, Gregoriou VG, Lüer L, Brabec C Journal article Achieving High External Quantum Efficiency for ITIC-Based Organic Solar Cells with Negligible Homo Energy Offsets (2024) Du H, An K, Wang R, Yin Z, Peng F, Lüer L, Brabec C, et al. Journal article Machine Learning for Ultra High Throughput Screening of Organic Solar Cells: Solving the Needle in the Haystack Problem (2024) Hußner M, Pacalaj RA, Olaf Müller-Dieckert G, Liu C, Zhou Z, Majeed N, Greedy S, et al. Journal article In Situ Probing the Crystallization Kinetics in Gas-Quenching-Assisted Coating of Perovskite Films (2024) Qiu S, Majewski M, Dong L, Jang D, Le Corre VM, García Cerrillo J, Ronsin OJ, et al. Journal article Continuous Production of Ethylene and Hydrogen Peroxide from Paired Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Water Oxidation (2024) Mavrikis S, Nieuwoudt M, Göltz M, Ehles S, Körner A, Hutzler A, Fossy E, et al. Journal article Beginner's Guide to Visual Analysis of Perovskite and Organic Solar Cell Current Density–Voltage Characteristics (2024) These A, Koster LJA, Brabec C, Le Corre VM Journal article Device Performance of Emerging Photovoltaic Materials (Version 3) (2023) Almora O, Baran D, Bazan GC, Cabrera CI, Erten-Ela S, Forberich K, Guo F, et al. Journal article, Review article Size-Controlled Synthesis of IrO2 Nanoparticles at High Temperatures for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction (2023) Malinovic M, Paciok P, Koh ES, Geuß M, Choi J, Pfeifer P, Hofmann JP, et al. Journal article Grain Boundary Phases in NbFeSb Half-Heusler Alloys: A New Avenue to Tune Transport Properties of Thermoelectric Materials (2023) Villoro RB, Zavanelli D, Jung C, Mattlat DA, Naderloo RH, Perez N, Nielsch K, et al. Journal article Toward Understanding Catalyst Layer Deposition Processes and Distribution in Anodic Porous Transport Electrodes in Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers (2023) Bierling M, McLaughlin D, Mayerhöfer B, Thiele S Journal article