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Challenges and Opportunities of Software-Based Production Planning and Control for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing (2023) Bründl P, Stoidner M, Nguyen HG, Baechler A, Franke J Conference contribution Towards the Digital Factory Twin in Engineer-to-Order Industries: A Focus on Control Cabinet Manufacturing (2023) Stoidner M, Bründl P, Nguyen HG, Baechler A, Franke J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Usability of Antivirus Tools in a Threat Detection Scenario (2022) Körber M, Kalysch A, Massonne W, Benenson Z Conference contribution Bringing Advanced Analytics to Manufacturing: A Systematic Mapping (2019) Wolf H, Lorenz R, Kraus M, Feuerriegel S, Netland TH Conference contribution TRIZ - Develop or Die in a World Driven by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (2018) Kiesel M, Hammer J Conference contribution Preconditioned ADMM with nonlinear operator constraint (2016) Benning M, Knoll F, Schönlieb CB, Valkonen T Conference contribution How Developers Acquire FLOSS Skills (2015) Barcomb A, Grottke M, Stauffert JP, Riehle D Conference contribution, Original article Enhancing the flow of information in the PLM by using numerical DSMs – an industrial case study (2013) Luft T, Bochmann J, Wartzack S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Stabilization of the Gas Flow in Star-Shaped Networks by Feedback Controls with Varying Delay (2013) Gugat M, Dick M, Leugering G Conference contribution A Model of Open Source Developer Foundations (2012) Riehle D, Berschneider S Conference contribution, Original article