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Influence of cell type specific infectivity and tissue composition on SARS-CoV-2 infection dynamics within human airway epithelium (2023) Raach B, Bundgaard N, Haase MJ, Starruß J, Sotillo R, Stanifer ML, Graw F Journal article OutbreakFlow: Model-based Bayesian inference of disease outbreak dynamics with invertible neural networks and its application to the COVID-19 pandemics in Germany (2021) Radev ST, Graw F, Chen S, Mutters NT, Eichel VM, Baernighausen T, Koethe U Journal article pyTFM: A tool for traction force and monolayer stress microscopy (2021) Bauer A, Prechová M, Fischer L, Thievessen I, Gregor M, Fabry B Journal article Predicting mean ribosome load for 5’UTR of any length using deep learning (2021) Karollus A, Avsec Z, Gagneur J Journal article The hierarchical packing of euchromatin domains can be described as multiplicative cascades (2021) Noa A, Kuan HS, Aschmann V, Zaburdaev V, Hilbert L Journal article DeepWAS: Multivariate genotype-phenotype associations by directly integrating regulatory information using deep learning (2020) Arloth J, Eraslan G, Andlauer TFM, Martins J, Iurato S, Kuehnel B, Waldenberger M, et al. Journal article Model-based analysis of response and resistance factors of cetuximab treatment in gastric cancer cell lines (2020) Raimundez E, Keller S, Zwingenberger G, Ebert K, Hug S, Theis FJ, Maier D, et al. Journal article Stytra: An open-source, integrated system for stimulation, tracking and closed-loop behavioral experiments (2019) Stih V, Petrucco L, Kist A, Portugues R Journal article Identifying the mechanism for superdiffusivity in mouse fibroblast motility (2019) Passucci G, Brasch ME, Henderson JH, Zaburdaev V, Manning ML Journal article Scar shape analysis and simulated electrical instabilities in a non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy patient cohort (2019) Balaban G, Halliday BP, Bai W, Porter B, Malvuccio C, Lamata P, Rinaldi CA, et al. Journal article
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