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ISSN: 1687-6172
eISSN: 1687-6180
Publisher: SpringerOpen

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Unified performance measures in network localization (2018) Nowak T, Hartmann M, Thielecke J Journal article, Original article DOA-informed source extraction in the presence of competing talkers and background noise (2017) Taseska M, Habets E Journal article, Original article Significance-aware filtering for nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation (2016) Hofmann C, Hümmer C, Günther M, Kellermann W Journal article Advances in adaptive filtering theory and applications to acoustic and speech signal processing (2016) Rupp M, Kellermann W, Zoubir A, Schmidt G Journal article, Editorial A summary of the REVERB challenge: State-of-the-art and remaining challenges in reverberant speech processing research (2016) Kinoshita K, Delcroix M, Gannot S, Habets E, Haeb-Umbach R, Kellermann W, Leutnant V, et al. Journal article, Original article The generalized frequency-domain adaptive filtering algorithm as an approximation of the block recursive least-squares algorithm (2016) Schneider M, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article A Bayesian view on acoustic model-based techniques for robust speech recognition (2015) Maas R, Hümmer C, Sehr A, Kellermann W Journal article, Review article A Bayesian network approach to linear and nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation (2015) Hümmer C, Maas R, Hofmann C, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article Analysis of dual-channel ICA-based blocking matrix for improved noise estimation (2014) Zheng Y, Reindl K, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article Special Issue on "advanced distributed wireless communication techniques - Theory and practice" (2013) Mietzner J, Wuebben D, Michalopoulos D, Schober R, Rost PM, Mecklenbraeuker C Journal article, Editorial
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