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Synthesis of methanol by hydrogenolysis of biobased methyl formate using highly stable and active Cu-spinel catalysts in slurry and gas phase reactions (2023) Haagen V, Iser J, Schörner M, Weber D, Franken T, Wasserscheid P, Schühle P Journal article Towards a greener synthesis of dianhydrohexitol esters (2023) Städtke K, Göpfert A, Inayat A Journal article Dispersion-based, scalable fabrication of repellent superhydrophobic and liquid-infused coatings under ambient conditions (2022) Walter T, Hein T, Weichselgartner M, Wommer K, Aust M, Vogel N Journal article, Original article Continuous gas-phase hydroformylation of but-1-ene in a membrane reactor by supported liquid-phase (SLP) catalysis (2020) Logemann M, Marinkovic JM, Schörner M, Garcia-Suarez EJ, Hecht C, Franke R, Wessling M, et al. Journal article Nickel-catalyzed and Li-mediated regiospecific C-H arylation of benzothiophenes (2020) Mohr Y, Hisler G, Grousset L, Roux Y, Quadrelli EA, Wisser FM, Canivet J Journal article, Original article Improving the performance of supported ionic liquid phase (SILP) catalysts for the ultra-low-temperature water-gas shift reaction using metal salt additives (2019) Wolf P, Aubermann M, Wolf M, Bauer T, Blaumeiser D, Stepic R, Wick C, et al. Journal article Expanding the scope of biogenic substrates for the selective production of formic acid from water-insoluble and wet waste biomass (2015) Albert J, Wasserscheid P Journal article Non-heme iron catalysts for epoxidation and aziridination reactions of challenging terminal alkenes: towards sustainability (2015) Tsogoeva S, Fingerhut A, Serdyuk O Journal article, Review article Suzuki cross-coupling in aqueous media (2015) Hoffmann I, Blumenröder B, Onodi S, Dommer S, Schatz J Journal article, Original article Supported ionic liquid phase (SILP) materials for removal of hazardous gas compounds - efficient and irreversible NH3 adsorption (2014) Kohler F, Popp S, Klefer H, Eckle I, Schrage C, Böhringer B, Roth D, et al. Journal article