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Highly accurate and numerical tractable coupling of nanoparticle nucleation, growth and fluid flow (2023) Bänsch E, Pflug L, Schikarski T Journal article Investigation and mitigation of reagent ageing during the continuous flow synthesis of patchy particles (2022) Völkl A, Klupp Taylor R Journal article, Original article Crystallization of L-glutamic acid under microfluidic conditions and levitation (2021) Trinh H, Schodder P, Demmert B, Nguyen AT Journal article Detailed geometrical analysis of statistical activity variations in diluted catalyst beds (2019) Ganzer G, Daniel A, Freund H Journal article Computer tomographic detection of the liquid-liquid mixing and separation within the Annular Centrifugal Contactor/Extractor (2019) Eggert A, Koegl T, Arlt W, Jupke A Journal article Influence of process conditions on the product properties in a continuous fluidized bed spray granulation process (2018) Diez E, Meyer K, Bück A, Tsotsas E, Heinrich S Journal article, Original article Assessing the influence of viscosity and milling bead size on the stressing conditions in a stirred media mill by single particle probes (2018) Strobel A, Schwenger J, Wittpahl S, Schmidt J, Romeis S, Peukert W Journal article, Original article Tailored catalyst pellet specification for improved fixed-bed transport characteristics: A shortcut method for the model-based reactor design (2018) Pietschak A, Kaiser M, Freund H Journal article, Original article Conceptual design and feasibility study of combining continuous chromatography and crystallization for stereoisomer separations (2007) Gedicke K, Kaspereit M, Beckmann W, Budde U, Lorenz H, Seidel-Morgenstern A Journal article, Original article