Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Journal Abbreviation: ACTA PALAEONTOL POL
ISSN: 0567-7920
eISSN: 1732-2421
Publisher: Polska Akademia Nauk, Instytut Paleobiologi (Polish Academy of Sciences, Institue of Paleobiology)

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Palaeoecology of tropical marine invertebrate assemblages from the Late Triassic of Misurina, Dolomites, Italy (2021) Hausmann IM, Nuetzel A, Roden V, Reich M Journal article A new subdisarticulated machaeridian from the Middle Devonian of China: Insights into taphonomy and taxonomy using X-ray microtomography and 3D-analysis (2017) Gügel B, de Baets K, Jerjen I, Schuetz P, Klug C Journal article Exploring the limits of morphospace: Ontogeny and ecology of late Viséan ammonoids from the Tafilalt, Morocco (2016) Klug C, de Baets K, Korn D Journal article, Original article Early Jurassic anoxia triggered the evolution of the oldest holoplanktonic gastropod Coelodiscus minutus by means of heterochrony (2015) Teichert S, Nützel A Journal article, Original article A new species of Tiaracrinus from the latest Emsian of Morocco and its phylogeny (2014) Klug C, de Baets K, Naglik C, Waters JA Journal article, Original article Using abundance data to assess the relative role of sampling biases and evolutionary radiations in Upper Muschelkalk ammonoids (2013) Mcgowan AJ, Kießling W Journal article Exceptional cameral deposits in a sublethally injured Carboniferous orthoconic nautiloid from the Buckhorn Asphalt Lagerstätte in Oklahoma, USA (2012) Seuß B, Mapes RH, Klug C, Nützel A Journal article Devonian pearls and ammonoid-endoparasite co-evolution (2011) de Baets K, Klug C, Korn D Journal article, Original article Palaeoecology of Late Triassic conodonts: Constraints from oxygen isotopes in biogenic apatite. (2010) Rigo M, Joachimski M Journal article Red Devonian trilobites with green eyes from Morocco and the silicification of the trilobite exoskeleton (2009) Klug C, Schulz H, de Baets K Journal article, Original article