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Engineered Agrobacterium improves transformation by mitigating plant immunity detection (2023) Yang F, Li G, Felix G, Albert M, Guo M Journal article Occurrence and conversion of progestogens and androgens are conserved in land plants (2023) Shiko G, Paulmann MJ, Feistel F, Ntefidou M, Hermann-Ene V, Vetter W, Kost B, et al. Journal article Cytotoxic activity of Nep1-like proteins on monocots (2022) Steentjes MBF, Valderrama ALH, Fouillen L, Bahammou D, Leisen T, Albert I, Nuernberger T, et al. Journal article Disruption of plant plasma membrane by Nep1-like proteins in pathogen–plant interactions (2022) Pirc K, Albert I, Nürnberger T, Anderluh G Journal article, Review article Rapid depolarization and cytosolic calcium increase go hand-in-hand in mesophyll cells’ ozone response (2021) Nuhkat M, Brosche M, Stoelzle-Feix S, Dietrich P, Hedrich R, Roelfsema MRG, Kollist H Journal article Reactive oxygen species dosage in Arabidopsis chloroplasts can improve resistance towards Colletotrichum higginsianum by the induction of WRKY33 (2019) Schmidt A, Mächtel R, Ammon A, Engelsdorf T, Schmitz J, Maurino VG, Voll L Journal article Hxt1, a monosaccharide transporter and sensor required for virulence of the maize pathogen Ustilago maydis (2015) Schuler D, Wahl R, Wippel K, Vranes M, Münsterkötter M, Sauer N, Kämper J Journal article, Original article Live-cell imaging of phosphatidic acid dynamics in pollen tubes visualized by Spo20p-derived biosensor (2014) Potocky M, Pleskot R, Pejchar P, Vitale N, Kost B, Zarsky V Journal article Stable carbon isotope labeling reveals different carry-over effects between functional types of tropical trees in an Ethiopian mountain forest (2013) Krepkowski J, Gebrekirstos A, Shibistova O, Bräuning A Journal article, Original article Establishing a time-scale for plant evolution (2011) Clarke JT, Warnock RCM, Donoghue PCJ Journal article