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First two years of data curation by the German national candidemia surveillance network: New insights into epidemiology and resistance (2022) Aldejohann AM, Wallstabe J, Reinhardt M, Martin R, Elias J, Mattwich C, Hamprecht A, et al. Conference contribution Antifungal effect of cold atmospheric plasma in a 3D model of cutaneous candidiasis (2022) Fink S, Fischer M, Stubenrauch M, Horn K, Spange S, Pfuch A, Muller J, et al. Conference contribution Core genome MLST for molecular typing of C. neoformans var. neoformans isolated in Germany (2004-2021) (2022) Wolf S, Helal M, Houtermann A, Smith IM, Gerkrath J, Koppe U, Stephan C, et al. Conference contribution TomA, the target of MAT1-1 in Aspergillus fumigatus, is required for cleistothecia formation presumably in a mating-type-specific manner (2022) Pazen T, Ramsak B, Kueck U, Krappmann S Conference contribution Determinants of the interaction of Aspergillus fumigatus and eosinophils in the context of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (2022) Adam J, Schrüfer S, Westermann S, Vöhringer D, Krappmann S Conference contribution Launch of a national candidemia surveillance network in Germany (2021) Aldejohann AM, Reinhardt M, Martin R, Walther G, Elias J, Haas A, Hamprecht A, et al. Conference contribution PI3K signaling orchestrates eosinophil activation against Aspergillus fumigatus independently of canonical TLR/CLR signaling (2021) Dietschmann A, Schrüfer S, Westermann S, Henkel F, Castiglione K, Willebrand R, Ruland J, et al. Conference contribution Evaluation of INSTAND e.V.'s external quality assessment for Cryptococcus antigen testing autumn 2016-spring 2021 (2021) Wilmes D, Heckmann D, Ehrhard I, Schaumburg F, Dichtl K, Schoerner C, Mccormick-Smith I, Rickerts V Conference contribution Diagnostic performance of the novel Fungitell STAT assay in comparison to the classical Fungitell assay and the Fujifilm Wako beta-glucan test in patients with invasive fungal disease (2021) Kuepper C, Forster J, Traeger J, Meyer R, Cipa F, Mihai S, Meintker L, et al. Conference contribution Detection of Crohn's typical Anti-Yeast Glycan Antibodies by a novel Assay based on Flow Cytometry (2021) Roth D, Lindemann A, Goesswein S, Neurath M, Armbruster FP, Leppkes M Journal article
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