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Selective Laser-induced Etching for novel 3D microphotonic devices (2024) Beckmann L, Bi T, Thoms JM, Wenk M, Zhang S, Kratz M, Del'Haye P Conference contribution Enabling single photon imaging at kHz frame rates using digital holography (2024) Wolley O, Mekhail S, Gregory T, Moreau PA, Leuchs G, Padgett MJ Conference contribution Label-free quantitative phase imaging-based assessment of intestinal inflammation in patients with ulcerative colitis (2024) Bokemeyer A, Buskermolen J, Ketelhut S, Tepasse PR, Vollenberg R, Trebicka J, Schmidt HH, et al. Conference contribution Towards an augmented reality system supporting nail implantation for tibial fractures (2024) Dimitrova N, Teubert A, Klopfer T, Manawapat-Klopfer A, Notheisen T, Baumgartner H, Gonser CE, et al. Conference contribution A study on the accuracy of polynomial fitting for direct computation of material lengths from projection data in dual energy CT (2023) Haase V, Stierstorfer K, Maier A, Noo F Conference contribution Direct head-to-head comparison of convolutional long short-term memory and transformer networks for artificial Intelligence-based quantification of atherosclerotic plaque and stenosis from coronary CT angiography (2023) Manral N, Lin A, Park C, McElhinney P, Killekar A, Matsumoto H, Kwiecinski J, et al. Conference contribution Deep learning based denoising of mammographic x-ray images: an investigation of loss functions and their detail-preserving properties (2022) Eckert D, Ritschl L, Herbst M, Wicklein J, Vesal S, Kappler S, Maier A, Stober S Conference contribution Segmentation of the mouse skull for MRI guided transcranial focused ultrasound therapy planning (2022) Hopp T, Springer L, Gross C, Grudzenski-Theis S, Mathis-Ullrich F, Ruiter N Conference contribution Real-time guidewire tracking and segmentation in intraoperative X-ray (2022) Zhang B, Bui M, Wang C, Bourier F, Schunkert H, Navab N Conference contribution DG-GRU: Dynamic graph based gated recurrent unit for age and gender prediction using brain imaging (2022) Kazi A, Markova V, Kondamadugula PR, Liu B, Adly A, Faghihroohi S, Navab N Conference contribution