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Quantum nature of Gaussian discord: Experimental evidence and role of system-environment correlations (2015) Chille V, Quinn N, Peuntinger C, Croal C, Mista L, Marquardt C, Leuchs G, Korolkova N Journal article Progress towards a realistic theoretical description of C60 photoelectron-momentum imaging experiments using time-dependent density-functional theory (2015) Wopperer P, Gao CZ, Barillot T, Cauchy C, Marciniak A, Despre V, Loriot V, et al. Journal article X-ray-refractive-index measurements at photon energies above 100 keV with a grating interferometer (2015) Ruiz-Yaniz M, Zanette I, Rack A, Weitkamp T, Meyer PE, Mohr J, Pfeiffer F Journal article Highly efficient generation of single-mode photon pairs from a crystalline whispering-gallery-mode resonator source (2015) Foertsch M, Schunk G, Fuerst JU, Strekalov D, Gerrits T, Stevens MJ, Sedlmeir F, et al. Journal article Collision-induced dissociation of protonated water clusters (2014) Berthias F, Buridon V, Abdoul-Carime H, Farizon B, Farizon M, Dinh PM, Reinhard PG, et al. Journal article Photo-double-ionization of ethylene and acetylene near threshold (2014) Gaire B, Lee SY, Haxton DJ, Bocharova I, Sturm FP, Gehrken N, Honig M, et al. Journal article Geometric spin Hall effect of light in tightly focused polarization-tailored light beams (2014) Neugebauer M, Banzer P, Bauer T, Orlovas S, Lindlein N, Aiello A, Leuchs G Journal article Generation of entangled matter qubits in two opposing parabolic mirrors (2014) Trautmann N, Bernad JZ, Sondermann M, Alber G, Sanchez-Soto L, Leuchs G Journal article, Original article Semitransparency in interaction-free measurements (2014) Thomas S, Kohstall C, Kruit P, Hommelhoff P Journal article Multipolar hierarchy of efficient quantum polarization measures (2013) De La Hoz P, Klimov AB, Bjork G, Kim YH, Mueller C, Marquardt C, Leuchs G, et al. Journal article
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