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Preliminary Studies and Prototypes for Machine Learning Based Evaluation of Surfers’ Performance on River Waves (2023) Zöllner M, Kniesburges S, Döllinger M, Gemeinhardt J, Krause M Conference contribution Supporting Product Management Lifecycle with Common Best Practices (2023) Walter B, Jolevski I, Garnizov I, Arsovic A Conference contribution GAN-Based LiDAR Intensity Simulation (2023) Marcus R, Gabel F, Knoop N, Stamminger M Conference contribution, Original article Determination of Charge Transfer Resistance from Randles Circuit Spectra Using Elliptical Fitting (2022) Pfeiffer N, Wachter T, Frickel J, Ben Halima H, Hofmann C, Errachid A, Heuberger A Conference contribution HiMLEdge - Energy-Aware Optimization for Hierarchical Machine Learning (2022) Wissing J, Scheele S, Mohammed A, Kolossa D, Schmid U Conference contribution Comparison of Named Entity Recognition Methods on Real-World and Highly Imbalanced Business Document Datasets (2022) Moreno-Acevedo SA, Escobar-Grisales D, Vasquez-Correa JC, Orozco Arroyave JR Conference contribution Colombian Dialect Recognition from Call-Center Conversations Using Fusion Strategies (2022) Escobar-Grisales D, Rios-Urrego CD, Gallo-Aristizabal JD, Lopez-Santander DA, Calvo-Ariza NR, Nöth E, Orozco-Arroyave JR Conference contribution Two Case Studies on Implementing Best Practices for Software Process Improvement (2022) Walter B, Marović B, Garnizov I, Wolski M, Todosijevic A Conference contribution Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification Based on Graph Attention Network with BERT (2022) Zou J, Wu S, Yang Z, Chen C, Sun Y, Jiang M, Huang Y Conference contribution Monitoring the Adoption of SPI-Related Best Practices. An Experience Report (2021) Walter B, Marović B, Garnizov I, Wolski M, Todosijevic A Conference contribution
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