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Hydrogenated anatase TiO2 single crystals: defects formation and structural changes as microscopic origin of co-catalyst free photocatalytic H2 evolution activity (2021) Will J, Wierzbicka E, Wu M, Götz K, Yokosawa T, Liu N, Tesler A, et al. Journal article, Original article Reduced Grey Brookite for Noble Metal Free Photocatalytic H2 Evolution (2020) Wierzbicka E, Altomare M, Wu M, Liu N, Yokosawa T, Fehn D, Qin S, et al. Journal article The role of connectivity in significant bandgap narrowing for fused-pyrene based non-fullerene acceptors toward high-efficiency organic solar cells (2020) Liu S, Su W, Zou X, Du X, Cao J, Wang N, Shen X, et al. Journal article Novel wide-bandgap non-fullerene acceptors for efficient tandem organic solar cells (2020) Firdaus Y, He Q, Lin Y, Nugroho FAA, Le Corre VM, Yengel E, Balawi AH, et al. Journal article Influence of the gas atmosphere during the synthesis of g-C3N4 for enhanced photocatalytic H2 production from water on Au/g-C3N4 composites (2019) Jiménez-Calvo P, Marchal C, Cottineau T, Caps V, Keller V Journal article Star-shaped magnesium tetraethynylporphyrin bearing four peripheral electron-accepting diketopyrrolopyrrole functionalities for organic solar cells (2019) Wang H, Yue Q, Nakagawa T, Zieleniewska A, Okada H, Ogumi K, Ueno H, et al. Journal article Selenization of CuInS2 by rapid thermal processing - an alternative approach to induce a band gap grading in chalcopyrite thin-film solar cell absorbers? (2019) Felix R, Weber A, Zander O, Rodriguez-Alvarez H, Schubert BA, Klaer J, Wilks RG, et al. Journal article Interplay between the metal- support interaction and stability in Pt/ Co3O4(111) model catalysts (2018) Lykhach Y, Faisal F, Skala T, Neitzel A, Tsud N, Vorokhta M, Dvorak F, et al. Journal article Realizing solution-processed monolithic PbS QDs/perovskite tandem solar cells with high UV stability (2018) Zhang Y, Gu M, Li N, Xu Y, Ling X, Wang Y, Zhou S, et al. Journal article Overcoming the morphological and efficiency limit in all-polymer solar cells by designing conjugated random copolymers containing a naphtho[1,2c:5,6-c']bis([1,2,5] thiadiazole)] moiety (2018) Xie R, Li Z, Zhong W, Ying L, Hu Q, Liu F, Li N, et al. Journal article
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