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Mechanistic Insights into Superoxide Dismutation Driven by Dinuclear Manganese Complexes: The Role of the Mn2-Core (2023) Squarcina A, Fehn D, Scheitler A, Senft L, Franke A, Zahl A, Puchta R, et al. Journal article Structure, Location, and Spatial Proximities of Hydroxyls on γ-Alumina Crystallites by High-Resolution Solid-State NMR and DFT Modeling: Why Edges Hold the Key (2023) Batista AT, Pigeon T, Meyet J, Wisser D, Rivallan M, Gajan D, Catita L, et al. Journal article Heterogenized Molecular Rhodium Phosphine Catalysts within Metal-Organic Frameworks for Alkene Hydroformylation (2023) Samanta P, Solé-Daura A, Rajapaksha R, Wisser FM, Meunier F, Schuurman Y, Sassoye C, et al. Journal article Two-Dimensional Benzobisthiazole-Vinylene-Linked Covalent Organic Frameworks Outperform One-Dimensional Counterparts in Photocatalysis (2023) Li S, Ma R, Xu S, Zheng T, Wang H, Fu G, Yang H, et al. Journal article Tailoring the Selectivity of 1,3-Butadiene versus 1-Butene Adsorption on Pt(111) by Ultrathin Ionic Liquid Films (2023) Winter L, Trzeciak S, Fernandez CC, Massicot S, Talwar T, Maier F, Zahn D, Steinrück HP Journal article Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis in Acids: Atomic Tuning of the Stability Number for Submonolayer IrOxon Conductive Oxides from Molecular Precursors (2023) Krivina RA, Zlatar M, Stovall TN, Lindquist GA, Eascalera-López D, Cook AK, Hutchison JE, et al. Journal article Activity Trends for the Selective Oxidation of 2-Propanol to Acetone on Noble Metal Electrodes in Alkaline Electrolyte (2023) Mangoufis-Giasin I, Fusek L, Yang T, Khanipour P, Brummel O, Libuda J, Mayrhofer KJ, et al. Journal article Standardizing OER Electrocatalyst Benchmarking in Aqueous Electrolytes: Comprehensive Guidelines for Accelerated Stress Tests and Backing Electrodes (2023) Zlatar M, Escalera-López D, Rodríguez MG, Hrbek T, Götz C, Mary Joy R, Savan A, et al. Journal article The Chemical and Electronic Properties of Stability-Enhanced, Mixed Ir-TiOx Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts (2023) van der Merwe M, Garcia-Diez R, Lahn L, Wibowo RE, Frisch J, Gorgoi M, Yang W, et al. Journal article Fluorine Aided Stabilization of Pt Single Atoms on TiO2 Nanosheets and Strongly Enhanced Photocatalytic H2 Evolution (2022) Wu SM, Hwang I, Osuagwu B, Will J, Wu Z, Sarma BB, Pu FF, et al. Journal article