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WebPPG: Feasibility and Usability of Self-Performed, Browser-Based Smartphone Photoplethysmography (2023) Nissen M, Flaucher M, Jäger K, Hübner H, Danzberger N, Titzmann A, Pontones C, et al. Conference contribution Fetal Re-Identification in Multiple Pregnancy Ultrasound Images Using Deep Learning (2023) Gabler E, Nissen M, Altstidl TR, Titzmann A, Packhäuser K, Maier A, Fasching P, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Learning to Segment Fine Structures Under Image-Level Supervision With an Application to Nematode Segmentation (2022) Chen L, Strauch M, Daub M, Luigs HG, Jansen M, Merhof D Conference contribution Local Shape Preserving Deformations for Augmented Reality Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery (2022) Lach A, Kalim F, Heiliger C, Piaseczna N, Grimm M, Winkler A, Solyanik O, et al. Conference contribution A Unified 3D Framework for Organs-at-Risk Localization and Segmentation for Radiation Therapy Planning (2022) Navarro F, Sasahara G, Shit S, Sekuboyina A, Ezhov I, Peeken JC, Combs SE, Menze BH Conference contribution Accurate Continuous Prediction of 14 Degrees of Freedom of the Hand from Myoelectrical Signals through Convolutive Deep Learning (2022) Simpetru RC, Oßwald M, Braun D, Souza de Oliveira D, Cakici AL, Del Vecchio A Conference contribution Obstacle Segmentation with Encoder-Decoder Architectures in Low Structured Environments for the Navigation of Visually Impaired People (2022) Seßner J, Schade F, Franke J Conference contribution A Generalized Framework for the Study of Spinal Motor Neurons Controlling the Human Hand During Dynamic Movements (2022) Cakici AL, Oßwald M, Souza de Oliveira D, Braun D, Simpetru RC, Kinfe TM, Eskofier B, Del Vecchio A Conference contribution Improving Localization of Brain Tumors through 3D GAN Inpainting (2021) Weninger L, Gilerson A, Merhof D Conference contribution A readout circuit realizing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for FET-based biosensors (2021) Pfeiffer N, Rullkoetter J, Hofmann C, Errachid A, Heuberger A Conference contribution