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Publisher: IEEE Computer Society; 1999

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PLIKS: A Pseudo-Linear Inverse Kinematic Solver for 3D Human Body Estimation (2023) Shetty K, Birkhold A, Jaganathan S, Strobel N, Kowarschik M, Maier A, Egger B Conference contribution Robust Model-based Face Reconstruction through Weakly-Supervised Outlier Segmentation (2023) Li C, Morel-Forster A, Vetter T, Egger B, Kortylewski A Conference contribution PhoCaL: A Multi-Modal Dataset for Category-Level Object Pose Estimation with Photometrically Challenging Objects (2022) Wang P, Jung H, Li Y, Shen S, Srikanth RP, Garattoni L, Meier S, et al. Conference contribution Bending Graphs: Hierarchical Shape Matching using Gated Optimal Transport (2022) Saleh M, Wu SC, Cosmo L, Navab N, Busam B, Tombari F Conference contribution Learning Local Displacements for Point Cloud Completion (2022) Wang Y, Tan DJ, Navab N, Tombari F Conference contribution ZebraPose: Coarse to Fine Surface Encoding for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation (2022) Su Y, Saleh M, Fetzer T, Rambach J, Navab N, Busam B, Stricker D, Tombari F Conference contribution 3D-VField: Adversarial Augmentation of Point Clouds for Domain Generalization in 3D Object Detection (2022) Lehner A, Gasperini S, Marcos-Ramiro A, Schmidt M, Mahani MAN, Navab N, Busam B, Tombari F Conference contribution GPV-Pose: Category-level Object Pose Estimation via Geometry-guided Point-wise Voting (2022) Di Y, Zhang R, Lou Z, Manhardt F, Ji X, Navab N, Tombari F Conference contribution Do Explanations Explain? Model Knows Best (2022) Khakzar A, Khorsandi P, Nobahari R, Navab N Conference contribution Gradient-SDF: A Semi-Implicit Surface Representation for 3D Reconstruction (2022) Sommer C, Sang L, Schubert D, Cremers D Conference contribution