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Mineral matrix deposition of MC3T3-E1 pre-osteoblastic cells exposed to silicocarnotite and nagelschmidtite bioceramics: In vitro comparison to hydroxyapatite (2024) Rincón-López JA, Hermann-Muñoz JA, Detsch R, Rangel-López R, Muñoz-Saldaña J, Jiménez-Sandoval S, Alvarado-Orozco JM, Boccaccini AR Journal article Poly(ε-caprolactone)/bioactive glass composite electrospun fibers for tissue engineering applications (2023) Piatti E, Miola M, Liverani L, Verné E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Microvascular development in the rat arteriovenous loop model in vivo-A step by step intravital microscopy analysis (2022) Vaghela R, Arkudas A, Gage D, Körner C, Von Hoersten S, Salehi S, Horch RE, Hessenauer M Journal article Co-doping of iron and copper ions in nanosized bioactive glass by reactive laser fragmentation in liquids (2022) Li Y, Ramesh V, Bider F, Bradshaw N, Rehbock C, Boccaccini AR, Barcikowski S Journal article Modulation of the inflammatory response to decellularized collagen matrix for cartilage regeneration (2021) Gvaramia D, Kern J, Jakob Y, Tritschler H, Brenner RE, Breiter R, Kzhyshkowska J, Rotter N Journal article Effect of manganese, zinc, and copper on the biological and osteogenic properties of mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles (2020) Westhauser F, Wilkesmann S, Nawaz Q, Hohenbild F, Rehder F, Saur M, Fellenberg J, et al. Journal article Fabrication and characterization of Ag- and Ga-doped mesoporous glass-coated scaffolds based on natural marine sponges with improved mechanical properties (2020) Ciraldo F, Arango-Ospina M, Goldmann WH, Beltran AM, Detsch R, Gruenewald A, Roether J, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Review article Osteogenic properties of manganese-doped mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles (2020) Westhauser F, Wilkesmann S, Nawaz Q, Schmitz SI, Moghaddam A, Boccaccini AR Journal article Primary osteoblasts, osteoblast precursor cells or osteoblast-like cell lines: Which human cell types are (most) suitable for characterizing 45S5-bioactive glass? (2019) Wilkesmann S, Fellenberg J, Nawaz Q, Reible B, Moghaddam A, Boccaccini AR, Westhauser F Journal article Phosphate glass fibers facilitate proliferation and osteogenesis through Runx2 transcription in murine osteoblastic cells (2019) Lin X, Chen Q, Xiao Y, Gao Y, Ahmed I, Li M, Li H, et al. Journal article
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