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An electrically conducting 3D coronene-based metal-organic framework (2024) Schönherr MI, Scheurle PI, Frey L, Martínez-Abadía M, Döblinger M, Mähringer A, Fehn D, et al. Journal article Performance of environmentally friendly, liquid-infused coatings against biofouling: evaluation of macrofouling and microbially induced corrosion in freshwater environments (2024) Walter T, Langbein M, Blenk P, Tesler A, Prado L, Bornstein D, Virtanen S, et al. Journal article, Original article Accelerating materials research with a comprehensive data management tool: a case study on an electrochemical laboratory (2024) Röttcher NC, Akkoc GD, Finger S, Fritsch B, Möller J, Mayrhofer KJ, Dworschak D Journal article Atomistic picture of electronic metal support interaction and the role of water (2024) Fusek L, Farnesi Camellone M, Ronovský M, Kastenmeier M, Skála T, Kumar Samal P, Tsud N, et al. Journal article Analyzing the outdoor degradation behavior of organic solar modules in North China (2024) Liu S, Zhang D, Egelhaaf HJ, Wang G, Li X, Heumüller T, Brabec C, Li N Journal article Novel side chain functionalized polystyrene/O-PBI blends with high alkaline stability for anion exchange membrane water electrolysis (AEMWE) (2023) Hager L, Hegelheimer M, Stonawski J, Freiberg AT, Jaramillo-Hernández C, Abellán G, Hutzler A, et al. Journal article Pt single atoms dispersed in a hybrid MOFox-in-nanotube structure for efficient and long-term stable photocatalytic H2 generation (2023) Qin S, Guo J, Chen X, Cao R, Denisov N, Song YY, Schmuki P Journal article Probing the redox capacity of Pt-CeO2 model catalyst for low-temperature CO oxidation (2023) Simanenko A, Kastenmeier M, Piliai L, Kosto Y, Skála T, Tsud N, Mehl S, et al. Journal article Nano-scale new Heusler compounds NiRh2Sb and CuRh2Sb: synthesis, characterization, and application as electrocatalysts (2023) Wang Y, Fecher GH, Subakti S, Lubk A, Hantusch M, Schnelle W, Kaiser F, et al. Journal article Influence of temperature-induced A-site cation redistribution on the functional properties of A-site complex polar perovskite K1/2Bi1/2TiO3 (2023) Eyoum G, Eckstein U, Ursic H, Pinto-Salazar M, Buntkowsky G, Groszewicz PB, Checchia S, et al. Journal article