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Evolution of a ‘privileged’ P-alkene ligand: added planar chirality beats BINOL axial chirality in catalytic asymmetric C-C bond formation (2023) Leinauer L, Parla G, Messelberger J, Herrera AC, Heinemann FW, Langer J, Chuchelkin I, et al. Journal article Trapping of soluble, KCl-stabilized Cu(i) hydrides with CO2 gives crystalline formates (2023) Grasruck A, Parla G, Lou L, Langer J, Neiß C, Herrera A, Frieß S, et al. Journal article Superhelicenes in the gas phase: experimental and computational evidence of stable radical cation dimers (2023) Kinzelmann M, Reger D, Warmbrunn V, Lungerich D, Jux N, Drewello T Journal article Converting pH probes into “turn-on” fluorescent receptors for anions (2023) Kataev E Journal article Swift C-C bond insertion by a 12-electron palladium(0) surrogate (2023) Breitwieser K, Dankert F, Grünwald A, Mayer PR, Heinemann FW, Munz D Journal article Controlled growth of organic 2D layered material thin films via interfacial methods (2022) Wang H, Wu Q, Fu H, Wu LZ, Feng X Journal article Nondirected Pd-catalyzed aerobic C-H alkenylation of ruthenocene and ferrocene (2022) Mueller S, Lee W, Song JY, Kang E, Joo JM Journal article The importance of crystal size for breathing kinetics in MIL-53(Al) (2022) Bon V, Busov N, Senkovska I, Boenisch N, Abylgazina L, Khadiev A, Novikov D, Kaskel S Journal article A mesoionic carbene complex of manganese in five oxidation states (2022) Wittwer B, Dickmann N, Berg S, Leitner D, Tesi L, Hunger D, Gratzl R, et al. Journal article Reactive oxygen species-responsive RNA interference (2022) Rühle J, Klemt I, Abakumova T, Sergeeva O, Vetosheva P, Zatsepin T, Mokhir A Journal article