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Synthesis and Characterization of Bola-Amphiphilic Porphyrin-Perylenebisimide Architectures (2024) Schulze E, Ritterhoff C, Franz E, Tavlui O, Brummel O, Meyer B, Hirsch A Journal article “Photo-Adrenalines”: Photoswitchable β2-Adrenergic Receptor Agonists as Molecular Probes for the Study of Spatiotemporal Adrenergic Signaling (2024) Sink A, Gerwe H, Hübner H, Boivin-Jahns V, Fender J, Lorenz K, Gmeiner P, Decker M Journal article Bending a Cumulene with Electrons: Stepwise Chemical Reduction and Structural Study of a Tetraaryl[4]Cumulene (2024) Zhou Z, Johnson MA, Wei Z, Bühringer M, Garner MH, Tykwinski R, Petrukhina MA Journal article Synthesis of Superbulky Amide Ligands by Addition of Polar Reagents to Sila–Imine (2024) Knüpfer C, Klerner L, Raucheisen M, Langer J, Harder S Journal article Autofluorescent Artemisinin-Benzimidazole Hybrids via Organo-Click Reaction: Study of Antiviral Properties and Mode of Action in Living Cells (2023) Herrmann L, Hahn F, Grau B, Wild M, Niesar A, Wangen C, Kataev E, et al. Journal article The Buoy Effect: Surface Enrichment of a Pt Complex in IL Solution by Ligand Design (2023) Hemmeter D, Kremitzl D, Schulz P, Wasserscheid P, Maier F, Steinrück HP Journal article Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Arylation Polymerization for the Synthesis of Thiophene-Based Cross-linked Polymers (2023) Mohr Y, Ranscht A, Fávaro MA, Quadrelli EA, Wisser FM, Canivet J Journal article Light-Induced Dyotropic Rearrangement of Diarylethenes: Scope, Mechanism, and Prospects (2023) Lvov AG, Koffi Kouame E, Khusniyarov M Journal article, Review article Tuning the Polarity of Antibiotic-Cy5 Conjugates Enables Highly Selective Labeling of Binding Sites (2023) Graßl F, Konrad M, Krüll J, Pezerovic A, Zähnle L, Burkovski A, Heinrich M Journal article Structure Formation in an Ionic Liquid Wetting Layer: A Combined STM, IRAS, DFT and MD Study of [C2C1Im][OTf] on Au(111) (2023) Bühlmeyer H, Hauner J, Eschenbacher R, Steffen J, Trzeciak S, Taccardi N, Görling A, et al. Journal article