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Enabling Waveguide Optics in Rhombohedral-Stacked Transition Metal Dichalcogenides with Laser-Patterned Grating Couplers (2024) Mooshammer F, Xu X, Trovatello C, Peng ZH, Yang B, Amontree J, Zhang S, et al. Journal article Fast Dynamic Synthesis of MIL-68(In) Thin Films in High Optical Quality for Optical Cavity Sensing (2023) Monjezi BH, Okur S, Limbach R, Chandresh A, Sen K, Hashem T, Schwotzer M, et al. Journal article Determination of 2D Particle Size Distributions in Plasmonic Nanoparticle Colloids via Analytical Ultracentrifugation: Application to Gold Bipyramids. (2023) Frank U, Drobek D, Sánchez-Iglesias A, Wawra S, Nees N, Walter J, Pflug L, et al. Journal article, Original article Reversible Growth of Halide Perovskites via Lead Oxide Hydroxide Nitrates Anchored Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for Information Encryption and Decryption (2023) Zeng L, Huang X, Le Y, Zhou X, Zheng W, Brabec C, Qiao X, et al. Journal article Hierarchically Engineered Manganite Thin Films with a Wide-Temperature-Range Colossal Magnetoresistance Response (2023) Guo S, Wang B, Wolf D, Lubk A, Xia W, Wang M, Xiao Y, et al. Journal article Directional Amplified Photoluminescence through Large-Area Perovskite-Based Metasurfaces (2023) Aftenieva O, Brunner J, Adnan M, Sarkar S, Fery A, Vaynzof Y, Koenig TAF Journal article Organic Molecules as Origin of Visible-Range Single Photon Emission from Hexagonal Boron Nitride and Mica (2023) Neumann M, Wei X, Morales-Inostroza L, Song S, Lee SG, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, et al. Journal article Self-Assembly of Core-Shell Hybrid Nanoparticles by Directional Crystallization of Grafted Polymers (2023) Nabiyan A, Muttathukattil A, Tomazic F, Pretzel D, Schubert US, Engel M, Schacher FH Journal article Analysis of Strain and Defects in Tellurium-WSe2 Moiré Heterostructures Using Scanning Nanodiffraction (2023) Sari B, Zeltmann SE, Zhao C, Pelz P, Javey A, Minor AM, Ophus C, Scott MC Journal article Optically Triggered Néel Vector Manipulation of a Metallic Antiferromagnet Mn2Au under Strain (2022) Grigorev V, Filianina M, Lytvynenko Y, Sobolev S, Pokharel AR, Lanz AP, Sapozhnik A, et al. Journal article