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Two remarkable serine/leucine polymorphisms in Helicobacter pylori: functional importance for serine protease HtrA and adhesin BabA (2024) Backert S, Tegtmeyer N, Horn A, Sticht H, Linz B Journal article NRN1 interacts with Notch to increase oncogenic STAT3 signaling in melanoma (2024) Devitt L, Westphal D, Pieger K, Schneider N, Boßerhoff AK, Kuphal S Journal article The RNA binding protein IGF2BP2/IMP2 alters the cargo of cancer cell-derived extracellular vesicles supporting tumor-associated macrophages (2024) Mashayekhi V, Schomisch A, Rasheed S, Aparicio-Puerta E, Risch T, Yildiz D, Koch M, et al. Journal article Chaperone activity of serine protease HtrA of Helicobacter pylori as a crucial survival factor under stress conditions (2019) Zarzecka U, Harrer A, Zawilak-Pawlik A, Skorko-Glonek J, Backert S Journal article Bacterial serine protease HtrA as a promising new target for antimicrobial therapy? (2017) Wessler S, Schneider G, Backert S Journal article, Review article Attenuation of chemokine receptor function and surface expression as an immunomodulatory strategy employed by human cytomegalovirus is linked to vGPCR US28 (2016) Frank T, Reichel A, Larsen O, Stilp AC, Rosenkilde MM, Stamminger T, Ozawa T, Tschammer N Journal article Pasteurella multocida toxin- induced osteoclastogenesis requires mTOR activation (2015) Kloos B, Chakraborty S, Lindner SG, Noack K, Harre U, Schett G, Kraemer OH, Kubatzky KF Journal article, Original article The tumor marker Fascin is induced by the Epstein-Barr virus-encoded oncoprotein LMP1 via NF-?B in lymphocytes and contributes to their invasive migration (2014) Mohr C, Kalmer M, Groß C, Mann M, Sterz KR, Kieser A, Fleckenstein B, Kreß A Journal article The functional interplay of Helicobacter pylori factors with gastric epithelial cells induces a multi-step process in pathogenesis (2013) Posselt G, Backert S, Wessler S Journal article, Review article Transmigration route of Campylobacter jejuni across polarized intestinal epithelial cells: Paracellular, transcellular or both? (2013) Backert S, Böhm M, Wessler S, Tegtmeyer N Journal article, Review article