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Effect of lubricants on the rotational transmission between solid-state gears (2022) Lin HH, Heinze J, Croy A, Gutierrez R, Cuniberti G Journal article Molecular assemblies on surfaces: towards physical and electronic decoupling of organic molecules (2021) Maier S, Stohr M Journal article Exploring the fabrication and transfer mechanism of metallic nanostructures on carbon nanomembranes via focused electron beam induced processing (2021) Preischl C, Le LH, Bilgilisoy E, Goelzhaeuser A, Marbach H Journal article Adsorption and self-assembly of porphyrins on ultrathin CoO films on Ir(100) (2020) Xiang F, Schmitt T, Raschmann M, Schneider MA Journal article Atomic layer deposition for efficient oxygen evolution reaction at Pt/Ir catalyst layers (2020) Schlicht S, Percin K, Kriescher S, Hofer A, Weidlich C, Wessling M, Bachmann J Journal article Electrochemical nanostructuring of (111) oriented GaAs crystals: From porous structures to nanowires (2020) Monaico EI, Monaico EV, Ursaki VV, Honnali S, Postolache V, Leistner K, Nielsch K, Tiginyanu IM Journal article Growth of lithium hydride thin films from solutions: Towards solution atomic layer deposition of lithiated films (2019) Kundrata I, Frohlich K, Vanco L, Micusik M, Bachmann J Journal article Improving control of carbide-derived carbon microstructure by immobilization of a transition-metal catalyst within the shell of carbide/carbon core shell structures (2019) Ariyanto T, Gläsel JS, Kern A, Zhang G, Etzold B Journal article Nanoporous water oxidation electrodes with a low loading of laser-deposited Ru/C exhibit enhanced corrosion stability (2019) Haschke S, Pankin D, Mikhailovskii V, Barr M, Both Engel A, Manshina A, Bachmann J Journal article, Original article Porous N- and S-doped carbon-carbon composite electrodes by soft-templating for redox flow batteries (2019) Schnucklake M, Eifert L, Schneider J, Zeis R, Roth C Journal article
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