Clinical Interventions in Aging

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Influence of Coaching on Effectiveness, Participation, and Safety of an Exercise Program for Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis: A Randomized Trial (2023) Bragonzoni L, Barone G, Benvenuti F, Ripamonti C, Benedetti MG, Marini S, Dallolio L, et al. Journal article Effects of High-Intensity Resistance Training on Visceral Adipose Tissue and Abdominal Aortic Calcifications in Older Men with Osteosarcopenia – Results from the FrOST Study (2023) Knauer K, Chaudry O, Uder M, Kohl M, Kemmler W, Bickelhaupt S, Engelke K Journal article Bestform-F – Best Function of Range of Motion: A Feasibility Study of a Multimodal Exercise Training Program for Older Adults in Retirement Homes (2022) Schaller N, Krusemark H, Mende E, Weiss M, Spanier B, Zelger O, Bischof J, et al. Journal article Changes in body composition and cardiometabolic health after detraining in older men with osteosarcopenia: 6-month follow-up of the randomized controlled franconian osteopenia and sarcopenia trial (frost) study (2021) Kemmler W, Schöne D, Kohl M, von Stengel S Journal article Changes in menopausal risk factors in early postmenopausal osteopenic women after 13 months of high-intensity exercise: The randomized controlled ACTLIFE-RCT (2021) Hettchen M, von Stengel S, Kohl M, Murphy MH, Shojaa M, Ghasemikaram M, Bragonzoni L, et al. Journal article Safety of a Combined WB-EMS and High-Protein Diet Intervention in Sarcopenic Obese Elderly Men (2020) Kemmler W, von Stengel S, Kohl M, Rohleder N, Bertsch T, Sieber C, Freiberger E, Kob R Journal article Low self-perception of malnutrition in older hospitalized patients (2020) Lueg G, Wirth R, Kwiatkowski J, Rösler A, Jäger M, Gehrke I, Volkert D, Pourhassan M Journal article Preserving Mobility in Older Adults with Physical Frailty and Sarcopenia: Opportunities, Challenges, and Recommendations for Physical Activity Interventions (2020) Billot M, Calvani R, Urtamo A, Sanchez-Sanchez JL, Ciccolari-Micaldi C, Chang M, Roller-Wirnsberger R, et al. Journal article, Review article Frail older individuals maintaining a steady standing position: Associations between sway measurements with frailty status across four different frailty instruments (2020) Schuelein S, Sieber C, Gassmann KG, Ritt M Journal article The Favorable Effects of a High-Intensity Resistance Training on Sarcopenia in Older Community-Dwelling Men with Osteosarcopenia: The Randomized Controlled FrOST Study (2019) Lichtenberg T, von Stengel S, Sieber C, Kemmler W Journal article
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