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Temporally Distilled High-Dimensional Biphotonic States from Thin Sources (2024) Sultanov V, Chekhova M Journal article Molecular-Induced Chirality Transfer to Plasmonic Lattice Modes (2023) Görlitzer E, Zapata-Herrera M, Ponomareva E, Feller D, Garcia-Etxarri A, Karg M, Aizpurua J, Vogel N Journal article, Original article Enhanced Photon-Phonon Interaction in WSe2 Acoustic Nanocavities (2023) Carr AD, Ruppert C, Samusev AK, Magnabosco G, Vogel N, Linnik TL, Rushforth AW, et al. Journal article, Original article Ultrafast Strong-Field Electron Emission and Collective Effects at a One-Dimensional Nanostructure (2023) Paschen T, Roussel R, Seiffert L, Kruse B, Heide C, Dienstbier P, Mann J, et al. Journal article Spectrally Tunable Broadband Gate-All-Around InAsP/InP Quantum Discs-in-Nanowire Array Phototransistors with a High Gain-Bandwidth Product (2023) Jeddi H, Witzigmann B, Adham K, Hrachowina L, Borgstrom MT, Pettersson H Journal article Lithium Niobate Meta-Optics (2022) Fedotova A, Carletti L, Zilli A, Setzpfandt F, Staude I, Toma A, Finazzi M, et al. Journal article, Review article Strain Engineered Electrically Pumped SiGeSn Microring Lasers on Si (2022) Marzban B, Seidel L, Liu T, Wu K, Kiyek V, Zoellner MH, Ikonic Z, et al. Journal article Strong-Field Control of Plasmonic Properties in Core-Shell Nanoparticles (2022) Powell JA, Li J, Summers A, Robatjazi SJ, Davino M, Rupp P, Saydanzad E, et al. Journal article Inverse-Designed Narrowband THz Radiator for Ultrarelativistic Electrons (2022) Hermann B, Häusler U, Yadav G, Kirchner A, Feurer T, Welsch C, Hommelhoff P, Ischebeck R Journal article Electro-optical Switching of a Topological Polariton Laser (2022) Gagel P, Harder TH, Betzold S, Egorov OA, Beierlein J, Suchomel H, Emmerling M, et al. Journal article