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The Ladinian-Carnian conodont fauna at Yize, Yunnan, southwestern China, with implications for conodont palaeoecology and palaeogeography (2023) Zhang Z, Sun Y Journal article Chemotrophy-based phosphatic microstromatolites from the Mississippian at Drewer, Rhenish Massif, Germany (2023) Zwicker J, Smrzka D, Gothieu M, Libowitzky E, Joachimski M, Ernst Böttcher M, Peckmann J Journal article A review of natural hydrofractures in rocks (2022) Bons PD, Cao D, De Riese T, Gonzalez-Esvertit E, Köhn D, Naaman I, Sachau T, et al. Journal article, Review article Outcrop scale mixing enhanced by permeability variations: the role of stationary and travelling waves of high saturation indices (2022) Köhn D, Kelka U, Toussaint R, Siegel C, Mullen G, Boyce A, Piazolo S Journal article Reconstruction of cyclic Mesozoic-Cenozoic stress development in SE Germany using fault-slip and stylolite inversion (2022) Köhler S, Duschl F, Fazlikhani H, Köhn D, Stephan T, Stollhofen H Journal article Using fractured outcrops to calculate permeability tensors: implications for geothermal fluid flow and the influence of seismic-scale faults (2022) Smith R, Lesueur M, Kelka U, Poulet T, Köhn D Journal article Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy and sea-level history of the Hirnantian Stage (uppermost Ordovician) in the Oslo-Asker district, Norway (2021) Calner M, Bockelie JF, Rasmussen CM, Calner H, Lehnert O, Joachimski M Journal article The pre-orogenic detrital zircon record of the Peri-Gondwanan crust (2019) Stephan T, Kroner U, Romer RL Journal article, Original article High resolution correlation of the Homerian carbon isotope excursion (Silurian) across the interior of the Midland Platform (Avalonia), UK (2019) Ray DC, Jarochowska E, Röstel P, Worton GJ, Munnecke A, Wheeley JR, Boomer I Journal article, Original article Integrated Cambrian biostratigraphy and carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of the Grönhögen-2015 drill core, Öland, Sweden (2019) Ahlberg P, Lundberg F, Erlström M, Calner M, Lindskog A, Dahlquist P, Joachimski M Journal article, Original article