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The Liver Tumor Segmentation Benchmark (LiTS) (2023) Bilic P, Christ P, Li HB, Vorontsov E, Ben-Cohen A, Kaissis G, Szeskin A, et al. Journal article NeXtQSM—A complete deep learning pipeline for data-consistent Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping trained with hybrid data (2023) Cognolato F, O'Brien K, Jin J, Robinson S, Laun FB, Barth M, Bollmann S Journal article Mitosis domain generalization in histopathology images — The MIDOG challenge (2023) Aubreville M, Stathonikos N, Bertram CA, Klopfleisch R, ter Hoeve N, Ciompi F, Wilm F, et al. Journal article SegPC-2021: A challenge & dataset on segmentation of Multiple Myeloma plasma cells from microscopic images (2023) Gupta A, Gehlot S, Goswami S, Motwani S, Gupta R, Faura AG, Stepec D, et al. Journal article Generative myocardial motion tracking via latent space exploration with biomechanics-informed prior (2023) Qin C, Wang S, Chen C, Bai W, Rueckert D Journal article Placenta segmentation in ultrasound imaging: Addressing sources of uncertainty and limited field-of-view (2023) Zimmer VA, Gomez A, Skelton E, Wright R, Wheeler G, Deng S, Ghavami N, et al. Journal article A survey of catheter tracking concepts and methodologies (2022) Ramadani A, Bui M, Wendler T, Schunkert H, Ewert P, Navab N Journal article, Review article Enhancing MR image segmentation with realistic adversarial data augmentation (2022) Chen C, Qin C, Ouyang C, Li Z, Wang S, Qiu H, Chen L, et al. Journal article Cardiac segmentation on late gadolinium enhancement MRI: A benchmark study from multi-sequence cardiac MR segmentation challenge (2022) Zhuang X, Xu J, Luo X, Chen C, Ouyang C, Rueckert D, Campello VM, et al. Journal article Multiple motion encoding in phase-contrast MRI: A general theory and application to elastography imaging (2022) Herthum H, Carrillo H, Osses A, Uribe S, Sack I, Bertoglio C Journal article